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NUL Season 6! / You're alive!
« on: April 16, 2012, 12:08:01 PM »
Hi folks!

Haven't been in here for ages and ages... Now and then i get an e-mail regarding new profiles being created here, otherwise i haven't i clue what's been going on. I was pretty sure that this league was dead, but as i can see you are alive! Yay!  :)  :)

Anyways, was so happy when i saw that you where still active so i just had to pop this greeting in. Greetings y'all!  :D
I left this league by saying that i would take i break, but i quickly realized that i had spilled to much blood and in the making of this to enjoy it. :( Later on, i found out that there was a very large and active TT-league in the town where i live, so i decided to go down with the the gritty old original form of the game and i'm loving it. Cyandide's game isn't all bad and you get some nice graphics and all, but with this said, staring into a computer screen just cannot top the feel to sit in front of a physical person and play the game with real dice and players that are a bit more than pixels on a screen. Though with this said, i must say i 'm a bit tempted to re-join since you're all doing so nice  :) . I certainly don't have the time to do this nowadays however, but you never know in the future...  ;)

Until then folks, have a blast  8)

NUL Season 2! / Re: World Cup ??
« on: May 08, 2011, 09:12:37 PM »
I dont know how far you got on a qualifying league for the World cup

If you with this mean if NUL would host a qualifier, then i can say with some confidence that won't happen. Sure, I can't speak for all the guys in the "board", but i would be mighty surprised if anyone was stupid enough to voluntary work with the evil focus/cyanide initiative. I have in the past. It was a complete nightmare!  :P

NUL Season 2! / Re: Winner of S2!!
« on: May 08, 2011, 09:05:01 PM »

Haven't been in for a while and what do i see...

You guys haven't  managed to wipe out those ladies yet!? *Tsk* *Tsk* Such a disappointment!

Mr B: Shouldn't there be a grand price for people that win streaks of seasons? Such as the glory to be forced to play with an all stunty team next season? Post poll about it?  :D

NUL Season 2! / End of Season 1!
« on: February 23, 2011, 09:10:23 PM »
Season 1 is officially over! Congratulations...

Krim Nielsen

... for guiding your team "Jungle Boogie" to victory! Now to the rest of us, get that bastard!  :D

I'm sorry to say, but there are currently no awards to be asigned through this forum. There might be in the future, and those will be assigned retroactively if so.

As you most of you probably know, I will reign as Coordinator and take a break from BB. Been great having you guys around! New Coordinator for this series is Mr B. I wish you the best of luck for your task ahead, B! My new position in this series will be as "Santa's Little helper" and do some chores for the board on demand.

Now I suggest you all to stay tuned! Mr B will present the plan for the next season shortly ( I would guess in a weeks time or so).

Gigglygigglyiggly that's all folks!

Sign Up! / Re: SIGN UP HERE!
« on: February 20, 2011, 06:36:52 PM »
(maybe the baby will be named Fink or Mean Machine  :D)

Yeah! And your wife wouldn't mind that you went for a BB related name for your baby, right? That's every mothers dream!  ;D ;)

Been great having you Papa! Good look with your future snotling!

Bulletin Board / Re: Promotion
« on: February 20, 2011, 06:30:59 PM »
Looks sweet! I'm all for it. Though be careful around summertime... One thought i have is that during the summer you maybe should run only Little NUL? That way you won't have the trouble with unplayed games during that period... Just a thought.

Policies / Re: Essential rules (Must read!)
« on: February 14, 2011, 07:44:34 PM »

Hope this isn't about the game me and Zynaid was supposed to play last night.


We were both online for the start and he told me he couldn't make it due to an early work-interview today. He had to forfeit the game since it was last matchday but we both have an opening tomorrow and could play the game then to avoid a forfeit if possible?

Can't see a reason why not. Your not delaying things for others since it is the last match day for the championship...

Archives / Re: Tie-breaker
« on: February 14, 2011, 07:17:44 PM »
That said, we've found a case where TD difference wasn't the tie-breaker, but just one so far.

 ;D  ;D  ;D

There you have it! As soon as you think you have the answer, the Evil Voodoo Software Programming of Cyanide strikes right back at ya!

I think it is the alignment of the planets that is the real TB... Just my educated guess  :P

Policies / Essential rules (Must read!)
« on: February 14, 2011, 07:13:53 PM »
The most important rules of NUL can be summarized like this:

1.During a season of NUL, matches are played at the rate of 1 game a week. The match week officially starts Mondays at 19:00 CET.

2.The matches are preferably arranged in the board called “Matches” in the NUL forum. If you arrange the game in any other way you still must post in the mentioned board the progress of your match scheduling.

3.The coach with the team that plays HOME has the responsibility to contact his opponent at latest Wednesday of the match week to arrange the game. You find whom ever plays home/away in the in-game client.

4.If a match doesn't get played within the stated week and one/both coaches fail to comply with rules 2 and 3, a warning will be sent. A coach will only be warned once.

5.If a match doesn't get played  within the stated week because one/both coaches declines to play, or doesn't even make an effort to get the game played, a warning will be sent. A coach will only be warned once.

6.If a coach deliberately ends a game before the last turn has been played, a warning will be sent. A coach will only be warned once.

7.If a coach receives his second warning, he will be permanently banned from the league.

No one wants harsh rules. No one wants to ban anyone. If you skip a game in the league because you don't feel like playing, we don't blame you. But skipping games also unfortunately means that your opponent is affected by you not playing your game. In the long run, the entire league is affected by you not playing your game and experience has shown that nothing kills a league as effectively as when coaches starts to skip their games. This is why these rules exists. If you make a really good effort to get a game played, but still fail, all that effort will be in vain if you do not post in the forum stating that you really tried. The league functionals (aka “League admins”) have no way of knowing your intentions if you don't tell them. If a game wasn't played and there's no information why for the league functionals to read, then they can do nothing but guess that you weren't interested in playing the game in the first place. This is why the rules state that you have to communicate with the league functionals.

Season 1 / Re: Valhalla cup Play Offs
« on: February 13, 2011, 11:21:13 PM »
I'm sure Body or Mr B want to write something here too, but I thought I might as well be first.

DOH! I haven't said anything, been busy. Good luck all, sorry for your loss TGA... I might throw something together for the finals. Some photos and shit... Who knows?

Archives / Re: Framtiden
« on: February 13, 2011, 11:18:14 PM »
Summa är att det är en växande liga och den enda (som jag vet) "svenska" ligan. Jag är mkt nöjd med hanteringen av forumet och folket här.  mina 5cent är att det är en regelrätt, bra liga i mindre storleksklass. Vilket jag personligen tycker är rätt trevligt :)


Archives / Re: Tie-breaker
« on: February 13, 2011, 02:22:52 PM »
I'm about as certain as I can be what the tie-breaker is.

TD difference.

Yeah, I know I read some thread on the Cyanide boards recently where "Enarion" stated that the tie breaker is currently TD-difference. Can't seem to find it now...

Anyways, TD difference is a very good tiebreaker IMO, so I'm not 100% positive that we should stick with our own win% defined TB. Though, we are in fact using the in-game clients TB anyways when ties occur in promotional situations...

Archives / Re: Framtiden
« on: February 13, 2011, 02:17:40 PM »
Mja, det är väl inga konstigheter egentligen: "Mr.B" tar över posten och vi har mest pratat om struktur å liga-appen hittills. Det blir troligtvis en rak serie utan krussiduller. Saker och ting kommer att fortsätta "som vanligt": Det är lätt att tro att Koordinatorn har stora möjligheter att styra seriens karaktär, men så är det inte har jag märkt. Så ett Koordinatorsbyte är inget att dra några växlar på. Titta snarare på antalet anmälda, generell aktivitet och sånt om du vill ha ett hum om ligans status, tycker jag. Så länge det åtminstone finns en liten ledning så är det grönt ljus. Iaf från ett organiseringsperspektiv.

Bulletin Board / Re: Promotion
« on: February 13, 2011, 02:02:56 PM »
Sorry Moooo....

The structure for this comp is hidden in the old site... Can't remember everything. Anyways, here it is:

Base promotion/relegation is 2 as Flying circus said.
But this is only how it works in theory, since a lot of people are taking a break/staring over with new teams, there most probably will be a mayor shift. Structure may be different for next season, "Mr.B" has some plans...

Season 1 / Re: Match reports / Trash talk / Blessings
« on: February 09, 2011, 07:40:40 PM »

That was the last game for me this season... What do think it was? A draw of course! Well... TD wise it was... Tomasten was however the clera cas winner with 5 cas against 2. He should have won the game but his runner tripped on a stone just as he was entering the EZ. Hooray!

Unfortunately this doesn't save me from getting to be the last in rankings in Group 1  :-[  :P

Well, well... Easy come easy nuffled!

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