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Bulletin Board / Blood Bowl II - Testing League
« on: January 28, 2016, 09:08:53 AM »
Hey guys!

So, whos up for a try it out Norsca league in blood bowl II?
Say yay or nay so we can see how many we will be and we take it from there :)

As Kvasilad said in the signup thread, I also dont have any experience in running the show. But I can however try, no problem at all.

But at first. Lets find out who is intrested. I think that four players would be a minimum to try it out, what do you guys think?


Coaches so far: (At least 1 more to go)
-Mr. B
-J-R (A wild J-R will appear if an odd number of coaches reports for duty)

Schedule / Blood Bowl II. (Sorry for ruining the schedule board :) )
« on: September 24, 2015, 09:01:09 AM »
Hey Guys!

Sorry for stealing the schedule board for this, i just figured that this thread will be noticed more if I post it here ;)

Anyone played the Blood Bowl II game yet?
I havent had a chance to test it out yet, but i am excited to do it to say the least ;D

Whats your opinion about it? And what are our plans of Norsca moving to the new platform?
Personally a move to the new game around season 22 would be a realistic plan, what do you guys think?


Schedule / Holiday MD 5
« on: September 16, 2012, 10:45:14 PM »
Hi guys!

Just want to give you guys a heads up!
Unfortunately i wont be able to play the week when match day 5 starts. That is because im going away on vacation to the french riviera  8)

Its from saturday the 22nd of september to saturday the 29th of september.

Cant remember who im facing on MD5 but it would be great if we could play the match on the sunday, the 30th of september? Otherwise, maybe its ok to prolong the match week for a couple of days so myself and my enemy... sorry, opponent could figure out a possible matchday :)?


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