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NUL Season 6! / You're alive!
« on: April 16, 2012, 12:08:01 PM »
Hi folks!

Haven't been in here for ages and ages... Now and then i get an e-mail regarding new profiles being created here, otherwise i haven't i clue what's been going on. I was pretty sure that this league was dead, but as i can see you are alive! Yay!  :)  :)

Anyways, was so happy when i saw that you where still active so i just had to pop this greeting in. Greetings y'all!  :D
I left this league by saying that i would take i break, but i quickly realized that i had spilled to much blood and in the making of this to enjoy it. :( Later on, i found out that there was a very large and active TT-league in the town where i live, so i decided to go down with the the gritty old original form of the game and i'm loving it. Cyandide's game isn't all bad and you get some nice graphics and all, but with this said, staring into a computer screen just cannot top the feel to sit in front of a physical person and play the game with real dice and players that are a bit more than pixels on a screen. Though with this said, i must say i 'm a bit tempted to re-join since you're all doing so nice  :) . I certainly don't have the time to do this nowadays however, but you never know in the future...  ;)

Until then folks, have a blast  8)

NUL Season 2! / End of Season 1!
« on: February 23, 2011, 09:10:23 PM »
Season 1 is officially over! Congratulations...

Krim Nielsen

... for guiding your team "Jungle Boogie" to victory! Now to the rest of us, get that bastard!  :D

I'm sorry to say, but there are currently no awards to be asigned through this forum. There might be in the future, and those will be assigned retroactively if so.

As you most of you probably know, I will reign as Coordinator and take a break from BB. Been great having you guys around! New Coordinator for this series is Mr B. I wish you the best of luck for your task ahead, B! My new position in this series will be as "Santa's Little helper" and do some chores for the board on demand.

Now I suggest you all to stay tuned! Mr B will present the plan for the next season shortly ( I would guess in a weeks time or so).

Gigglygigglyiggly that's all folks!

Policies / Essential rules (Must read!)
« on: February 14, 2011, 07:13:53 PM »
The most important rules of NUL can be summarized like this:

1.During a season of NUL, matches are played at the rate of 1 game a week. The match week officially starts Mondays at 19:00 CET.

2.The matches are preferably arranged in the board called “Matches” in the NUL forum. If you arrange the game in any other way you still must post in the mentioned board the progress of your match scheduling.

3.The coach with the team that plays HOME has the responsibility to contact his opponent at latest Wednesday of the match week to arrange the game. You find whom ever plays home/away in the in-game client.

4.If a match doesn't get played within the stated week and one/both coaches fail to comply with rules 2 and 3, a warning will be sent. A coach will only be warned once.

5.If a match doesn't get played  within the stated week because one/both coaches declines to play, or doesn't even make an effort to get the game played, a warning will be sent. A coach will only be warned once.

6.If a coach deliberately ends a game before the last turn has been played, a warning will be sent. A coach will only be warned once.

7.If a coach receives his second warning, he will be permanently banned from the league.

No one wants harsh rules. No one wants to ban anyone. If you skip a game in the league because you don't feel like playing, we don't blame you. But skipping games also unfortunately means that your opponent is affected by you not playing your game. In the long run, the entire league is affected by you not playing your game and experience has shown that nothing kills a league as effectively as when coaches starts to skip their games. This is why these rules exists. If you make a really good effort to get a game played, but still fail, all that effort will be in vain if you do not post in the forum stating that you really tried. The league functionals (aka “League admins”) have no way of knowing your intentions if you don't tell them. If a game wasn't played and there's no information why for the league functionals to read, then they can do nothing but guess that you weren't interested in playing the game in the first place. This is why the rules state that you have to communicate with the league functionals.

Season 1 / MD1: Feeder 1
« on: January 30, 2011, 04:43:23 PM »

Arrange your games here guys! MD1 will end Monday 31st January.

EDIT- Oops! I of course mean that MD1 ends Monday 7th February  :P

Archives / Coordinator in meltdown!
« on: January 29, 2011, 12:36:58 PM »
Hi guys... I don't know how to say this, cause it feels very hard but...

It feels like I have run myself in to a brick wall. I simply cannot continue to run this series, and even have to stop playing BB for some time as well.  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(

It's very complicated to explain why this is, and why this so sudden. I made my mind up last night, but the feelings about this has of course been going on for a long time. The simplest explanation why I feel the way I do is this: I've been the Coordinator for 8 months now and for most of that time I have poured more time and energy into this than I actually have. You could do such a thing for a short time, but over a length of time, you'll reach a meltdown sooner or later. This is what's happened to me. I feel _completely exhausted_. Lately even a simple info post has felt like climbing a huge mountain.

I have thought sooooo many times that "all I have to do is this, this and that and then I can relax. Next week will be easier". But that "next week" never comes: There's _always_ some new issue coming up that you feel you have to address, there is _always_ someone you need to inform quickly about something, there is _always_ people with burning questions that you need to answer right away... In my account on "" i have 24 pages of PM's in my inbox and 20 in the outbox... And I know I have deleted some of the PMs... On top of that, the time I spent on the forum is only the top of the ice: I have spent countless hours thinking and planning how to make this league work better and how to please as many as possible... Running this has meant 20% fun and 80% stress for a long time and I simply cannot take it any longer... I need air. I need time of and I need it now, not in three months or so...

So what happens know?

Well, we should finish the season, that's for sure. I'll be playing my games and do the most important chores I need to attend to. League admins "Mr.B" and "The Golden Arrow" (Nuffle bless them!) will do what they usually do and well have no problem finishing the season. Then we basically have two options:

Option 1: We hope that someone comes forward and take the office of running this series, and NUL survives another day. My predictions are that if someone doesn't  take my position at latest early March, then the community is screwed for sure.

Option 2: We meet an agreement to make an group application to another league, and use our numbers as a tool for negotiating an agreement that people can use their NUL-teams in the other league. In order to be effective, I would predict that at least 10 of us need to agree to do this, and these 10 need to agree on which league we should try and negotiate with. Furthermore, the league should be an European based community in the small/mid size, otherwise we wouldn't  have a good point to base our negotiations from ("UKBBL or Blood & Snot" are my bets).

Well... I guess I don't have more say...  :(
I hate to disappoint you all, but please try and understand my perspective... I just can't take it any longer... Lets hope for the best...


Archives / Negotiating with the "Dansk Liga Blood Bowl"
« on: January 22, 2011, 05:44:44 PM »
Important message!

I'm currently conducting negotiations with a league called "Bloody Fists Grand Slam". The league is organized through a Facebook page called "Dansk Liga Blood Bowl". It has currently 35 members and 24 coaches are participating in their current season. Their season will end at the same time as ours, and the spread of TV amongst their teams is similar (slightly less then ours).

I'm hoping for a full merger here: With a feeder div up, we'll be 22 this season. Combined with B.F.G.S, we would be 46 coaches.

I'm telling you this: In my opinion, the outcome of these negations will probably be decisive for the future of both BFGS and NUL. If we could agree on a merger, the two leagues will have much higher chances of surviving long term. For this reason, I will be prepare to sacrifice a lot of what we know as NUL. My guess is that the special house features is the most likely thing to be sacrificed. It would feel bad, of course, but I think that it's worth it. The coaches at "Dansk Liga Blood Bowl" is fairly positive for this idea, so a merger is actually possible.

These negotiations take a lot of my time, so you may experience a small loss of activity on these boards from me.

Feel free to comment on this, if you have any opinions. I'll post as soon as i have anything more to say in this matter.

Best regards,


Archives / Blood Bowl World Cup!
« on: January 22, 2011, 05:18:18 PM »

Sneak PM:ed on the "Alvsvenskan"-forum yesterday and told me that Vince from Focus e-mailed him about Blood Bowl World Cup 2011. Sneak hasn't  been Coordinator since May 2010, and have told Vince that several times (does he listen? NO!)

As _always_ they launch an announcement with _very_ short notice. They have, however, created an committee  consisting of the Coordinators from the mayor leagues. So that's one good thing. I'm not sure what to make of this, so I'll just go ahead and copy-paste the content of the e-mail. I don't care if it upsets Vince:

Hello Viktor,

First of all happy new year and best wishes for 2011.

I’m contacting you because we would like to launch a new competition.

Maybe Zephyre told you about it? We set up a committee to help us manage and organize this competition. It is composed of:

-          Zephyre, administrator of Orca Cola

-          Krampus, administrator of Sturm Von Stahl

-          Valentsigma, administrator of Tirandodados

-          Toblerona, administrator of BBLigue

-          Waldorf, administrator of UKBBL

-          Garthnait, administrator of Deutsche BB League

-          Galanthil, administrator of Franco Bowl

-          Valis, administrator of the Fun League

Our first concern was not to reproduce the same mistakes as for the first competition. With their help we decided to launch a competition with a new format.

The format should be as follow:

Inscription of players will begin during early February, and competition will start in March.

All league will be splitted between four groups. Each group will have two members of the committee in it, they will be responsible for this step of qualification. The groups will be formed and announce for the beginning of the competition. Depending on how many players will be involved in each group, each league will be given a number of ticket regarding the number of coaches playing in this league. The goal is to have each group qualifying 32 players for a second phase within three months.

During the second phase each 32 players will play through a play-off system to give the best player of each group. The 4 winners of each group will compete in semi-finale and finale to give the new champion.

We will post in a few days an announce describing more precisely the shape of the competition.

The point for us is to know if Alsvenskan would agree on being qualifying for this new competition?

We are trying to gather everything to set up the best competition possible. We hope the committee and the community will help us avoiding the mistakes we did last year.

Please let me know your decision as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.



If any of you guys are interested in participating in this, reply in this thread.

Personally i will not bother to work with the world cup: I hardly have enough time as it is and my experience with dealing with focus is very bad. There is, however, a nice cash price to be won. That's something.



Policies / Prematurely ended games (DC'ing included)
« on: January 20, 2011, 07:15:34 PM »
To abandon a game before all the turns in the match has been played is strictly forbidden. The exception to this rule is:
1- IRL emergencies.
2- The sudden appearance of game breaking bugs.

If these criteria has been met, or of the game end prematurely due to loss of connection, the coaches has two options:
1- Replay the game
2- Agree on a set score

If the coaches agree to replay the game they must contact a league admin immediately. If they agree on a set score, they need to contact a league admin and tell him what the score should be set to.

Important: In order to be valid, there must be consensus between the two coaches. Meaning that both coaches must agree which option to choose, and in the event of option 2: The score that should be set. If the coaches cannot reach consensus, the score that's defined by the in-game league client will stand.

Policies / Hibernation
« on: January 20, 2011, 07:00:58 PM »
If a coach decides to take a break from the series, the team is automatically put in hibernation.

Hibernation means that the team name and it's ranking is recorded in the "Hibernating teams" list. Whenever the coach returns and wants to play the team again, the team will be seeded into the division that the team would have been seeded in if they never hibernated in the first place. This is however done in order of space: If there are no vacant spot in the division after promoted/relegated teams are seeded into their slots, the hibernated team is automatically relegated down one division. If there is no vacant spots there as well, the team is relegated once more and so forth.

In the event of two hibernating teams are to be seeded into the same division, but there is only one vacant spot, the coach with the highest win% wins the spot.

Before the hibernated team is accepted back into the series it is checked if it has played any more games: If the league-admin finds that the team has played any games outside of the series, the team will be denied re-entry.

Policies / Tiebreakers
« on: January 19, 2011, 08:35:14 PM »
NUL uses the coaches win% to break ties. (see this thread).

The tiebreaker is however only used to break ties when determining relegation  ( meaning drop down one division) and when determining which team grants an vacant spot in an division in the event an previously hibernating team re-enters the series.

No tiebreaker is used to determine "winners" and promotions, instead, whichever team is placed higher by the in-game application is given precedence.

Season 1 / Coaches Wealth
« on: January 19, 2011, 05:06:14 PM »

  • bodyschlompf
    13 x
  • krim.nielsen
    3 x
  • staffan
    3 x
  • johoohno
    3 x
  • Satorin
    3 x
  • Sneak
    3 x
  • Papa Angel
    3 x
  • Pidpad
    3 x
  • Xath
    3 x
  • Vaehnin
    3 x
  • Flying Circus
    13 x
  • Tomassten
    11 x
  • firebringer
    3 x
  • The Golden Arrow
    3 x
  • Mr.B
    3 x
  • Elake
    3 x
  • Slaggbitarn
    3 x
  • Rotty
    3 x
  • Zyanid
    3 x
  • Mooonuel
    3 x
  • MazterL
    3 x

Statistics / Coach Win%
« on: January 19, 2011, 04:10:38 PM »
The tiebreaker used in NUL is the coach's win%. Win% basically means how many percent of the total played matches the coaches has won, with the addition that a tie is calculated as half of a win (Example: Coach X has played 10 matches. He won 3, lost 5 and tied 2. This means his win% is 40%: 30% for the won matches and an additional 10% for the two tied matches).

Some matches will not count when calculating the win%, however. These matches are: Those who ended prematurely, those who where "admined", games played against so called "dummy" teams.


*** COACH WIN% ***
(As of the end of season 1)

Statistics / Hibernating teams
« on: January 18, 2011, 08:34:35 PM »
Following teams are put into hibernation:

  • Sneak - "The Black Crickets" -> Valhalla Cup Group 2
  • MazterL - "Squashing Squad" -> Undefined feeder division
  • Vaehnin - "Gladeby Tjockisar" -> Undefined Div 1
  • Firebringer - "Ondtorps Kanaljer" -> Undefined Div 1
  • Tommasten - "Kiel Vikings" -> Valhalla Cup Group 1
  • Elake - "Frog Brothers" -> Undefined Div 1
  • bodyschlompf - "Bosses Bollkester" -> Valhalla Cup Group 2
  • Pidpad - "Ravenloft Ravens" -> Valhalla Cup Group 2
  • Papa Angel - "Aakan Pirut" -> Valhalla Cup Group 1
  • Flying Circus - "Physicx" -> Valhalla Cup Group 1

Statistics / All time rankings
« on: January 18, 2011, 02:40:51 PM »
NUL encourages the use of BBmanager. We use it to create an all time ranking, so matches are uploaded in the same league from season to season. Note: Please set the match day i BBmanager corresponding which season it is +1 day (Example: It's season 3. You then set the match day in BBmanager to 4. Match day 1 was for "season 0")

Here are the league specifics:

Name: Ze Nul of Fame
league-id: 2324
Password: nul




*** BEST TEAMS ***



Sign Up! / SIGN UP HERE!
« on: January 17, 2011, 05:45:24 PM »

NUL is currently in preparation for Season 2. Sign up now!


Season 2 is currently schedule to start March 5th, which means that you have to apply your participation before that date.

The season starts with one week of registry between March 5 - 11th

The official date of kick off is March 14th

The season will commence with one match day per week, and have maximum 7 matches. The end of season is thus May 1st


New members
1: Create an account on this forum
2: Post a reply in this thread that you want to join.
3: Read the "Essential rules" section here and post a reply in that thread that you have understood the rules.
4: The Coordinator will put you on the participant list in this post.

Old members - using a team previously used in NUL
1: Reply to this post or send a PM to the Coordinator and state that you want play next season using a previously used team.
2: The Coordinator will put you up on the participant list in this post.

Old members - rerolling team
1: PM the Coordinator and state that you want to play with a rerolled team. The Coordinator will reply with some questions.
2: You have two options: a) Venture to the town of Cowpenhaven and try to find contributors to your team b) be lazy and do nothing
3: The Coordinator will put you up on the participant list.


  • Cunitek - *New team*
  • Mateej - Purple Furries
  • Konna - Other Brothers
  • Carnade - Dead For Life
  • scaurus2000 - Sing a Song Everyday
  • Rotty - Flying Boom Bats BK
  • Staffan - Staffans Hooligans
  • Firebringer - *New team*
  • johoohno - Pest eller Kolera
  • mooonuel - Syphilitic Dribblers
  • Mr B - Nattbowlarna
  • Tomassten - *New Team*
  • The Golden Arrow - The Silver Hunters
  • Xath - Stinky And Happy
  • Krim nielsen - Jungle Boogie
  • Elake - *New Team*
  • Tulley - *New Team*
  • Satanclaus - *New Team*

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