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NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 7
« on: Yesterday at 07:07:22 AM »
Hi Lars, time for our agile teams full of finesse players to meet again. Here are my OK CET starting times as far as I can see:

- Saturday any time
- Tuesday/Wednesday 17.30-19.30
- Thursday 17.30-19.00

Let me know if any of those suits you, sir. If not, Friday next week is definately out and I won't know about the weekend until sometime next week.

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 6
« on: March 17, 2019, 07:05:51 PM »

The match started in a rain which continued throughout the first half and well into the 2nd half. Stup...born Undead started on an offence but found themselves on the defending side after the kickoff as the Kislev Blitzed and leadped through the front line to secure the ball. Surprised Undead tried to do what they could, but the slippery Ball Bouncers proved to be slippery beyond belief and secured the go-ahead fast. 2nd kickoff started more normally but now the rain proved to be the undoing of the Undead. First pickup try on the ball failed and suddenly a blitz and bounce later the Beyond Bouncy Ballers were holding the ball. The bouncher holding the ball was soon departed from the prized possession but Undead attempt to secure the ball proved once more futile. Ballers took hold of the ball and simply dumped it close to the Undead goal-line, putting the Stup...born ones off-position. This resulted in the Undead coach changing his goal for the 1st half to be keeping the score 1-0. That tactic proved to be succesfull, though duo of ghouls came a succesfull catch away from ruining the plan with a tying TD.

2nd half and the Beyond Ball Bouncers were on the attack. Kislev crowded both sidelines getting players on the scoring distance. Stup...born ones took down their right side and tried to crowd the left, but Bouncy Ball Beyonders didn't want to have none of that and after taking care of the covering players a quick pass, catch and a dash made the game 2-0 for the Ballsy Bouncers. Stup...born ones followed that with a drive where they actually managed to pickup the ball and get it on the opposite half. Unlike Undead normally are wanting to do, Stup...born ones were going for a quick score which they secured before right at the half point of the half. Then it was time for the Beyond Ballsy Bouncers to go at it again and their coach wisely decided to play for the clock. As the final attempt to reach the scoring distance was made and thwarted on the second to last turn, game was settled and the rest was just senseless bashing (which many in fairness do consider Blood Bowl to be in essance but at least there is the assumption that somone might actually be thinking about doing something with the ball).

Well played by the Beyond Ballsy Baller Barmution, couldn't really do anything to stop him today. Good luck in the rest, mate!

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 6
« on: March 15, 2019, 05:35:23 AM »
Sunday at 17 agreed as a time for the carny folk to visit the graveyard.

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 6
« on: March 14, 2019, 06:13:30 AM »
Allrighty, barmy mr. Barmution, time to see if your munchkin mangled men of masterous acrobatics can duct-tape themselves together as well my necromancer administers adhesive materials to my stup...born players. I've had and will have bit of happenings going on, so the available CET gaming times are a bit limited, but let's check them out anyways:

- Saturday, any time if we can get a time settled before Friday
- Sunday any time before 18.00
- Tuesday 17-20

Let me know if any of those suits you, sir. Either Wednesday or Thursday should also be available (17-20) but which one, that is mystery currently.

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 5
« on: March 10, 2019, 11:59:59 AM »

Well, after the first half every pundit would've probably stated that the MVP for the game was the Yhetee that the Norse side Money, Money, Money had freebooted. Furry beast had KO'd both mummies of the Too Stup...born to die, so the situation looked extremely sunny for the Norse even though the Undead had taken advantage of their clever kickoff blitz play stubbornly refusing to give the norsemen a touchdown and had even came close to scoring a go-ahead. But that had been prevented by lightning fast Norse runners giving enough cover for the Norse line to blitz the ball-carrying ghoul down.

Second half started with 8 Undead going against 10 Norse and both of the Undead Mummies stup...bornly refusing to be un-KO'd. Time was definately on the Norse side with them holding the man and strenght-advantage. So, Undead went to work and after a sideshift play they had a scoring chance. But then the true MVP of the match struck, that being the Norse werewolf Bang Boomerang. He took down the ball-carrying ghoul on the 1 yard line and secured the ball. That started a looong and steady run for the other goalzone. Run wasn't threatened at any point until the last turn as the numbers were 5 to 9 when the run started. But then the Undead wight Dany Unburnt started taking out Norse one by one, going after them solo. So, on the final seconds of the match the numbers were 4 Undead to 5 Norse and Stup...born Ghould Bobby E-Wing had a chance to at least make the Norse play for the TD by going for it. That was not to be, and Bang Boomerang had an easy job to walk to the endzone with Bobby stumbling down behind the Norse just inches away from him.

On an administrative side, the Undead were so impressed by the stubborness of the Norse players that after some forcefull negotiations, the Norse lineman Waterloo will be joining the ranks of the Too Stup...born to Die.

Exciting and eventful game that definately flowed all around. I definately had the dice on the first half of the first half and after the game had been settled my solo-blitzes with succeeding armor and injury rolls must've inflated the dice luck to provide that massive difference. Fun game and Hakos played stellar game as always. Thanks for the game, Hakos, and good luck in the rest and next season!

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 5
« on: March 06, 2019, 05:26:48 AM »
I'm sorry but I just realized saturday evening is not possible for me. But sunday any time should be doable. What about starting at 10? Or perhaps starting at 14?

When all is said and done, both times work for me, so let's go with 10 unless the later time works better for you.

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 5
« on: March 03, 2019, 06:40:00 PM »
Hakos, it seems I got lucky in that I checked your team composition at the same I was checking that Kvasiman had forwarder the match day. Otherwise I might have instructed my Stup...born players that they are going against money hungry beer guzzlers. But now I know that my clumsy undead will be going against fleet-fooded dancing queens and bearded bards. So, now that I know the name of the game, I know my guys will be more prepared and I can offer you the following CET start times:
- Tuesday 17-19.30
- Thursday 17-19
- Saturday 19->
- Sunday should be OK for any time if I know early.

Let me know if any of those suits you, sir. And knowing you knowing me knowing about your team, we both know that winner takes as that's the name of the game.

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 4
« on: February 26, 2019, 08:33:50 PM »

Do you know how you recognise (note the British spelling in honour of my opponent) a really good Blood Bowl player? I'll tell you how, a really good BB player doesn't even have to play more than the length of a time that it takes for a rock to travel from a side of the field to the line of scrimmage on your average sized Blood Bowl field and he (or she, might be a she, especially when talking about dwarf players, never know what's under those beards) will still get the MVP nudge from the match judges. Just like Know Nothing Jon, the Stup...born Wight who got the MVP honours in the match against the sandier undeads of Khemri simply by getting hit by a rock thrown from the stands during the initial kickoff. Mr. Jon will be celebrating this success by taking a break also from the next game that the Stub...born Undeads will play.

This was truly a match... of some sorts. Real roller-coaster of the game where I gave up the hopes of getting any points two or three times. Stup...born ones started on the offence but after the said rock and a KO later they were really in a pinch with The Khemri Astronauts pushing on the front line with their strength advantage. The standard Undead stalled for a while, keeping the ball-carrier out of blitz-range and trying to find a hole in the midfield. But nothing opened up and when the second wight, Unburnt Duny was also injured, it was time to run to midfield and try to survive the blitzes. Fortunately the Riflegun brother carrying the ball managed to stay on his feet for two blitzes and it even seemed that he might break through. But no such luck as Napoleon finally got the ball out and a desperate scramble started. Luckily the injury machine of the Stup...born ones had also started working and as both teams had decided that regenerating any injuries was foolish, the numbers were evening out. Khemri got the ball on the second to last turn, but in their excitement forgot to make the gfi that the ball-carrier would have needed on the final turn. So, scoreless first half.

2nd half started with 8 vs. 8, which soon turned into 8 vs 7 when the Khemri took to the offence. Oh, I believe there was also a Pitch Invasion there, just to make things more interesting. And to keep things even more interesting, mr. Snake-eyes struck again, first making the Khemri ball-boy, I believe they call them Thro-Ras, fail the pickup twice and then making spaghetti out of the strained legs of the sand Mummy going for it to stop the blitz-bound Ghouls with a blitz of his own. So, suddenly two Ghouls were on the ball and got the instrument of play up. Napoleon wisely gfi'd his skeletons so that they threatened every square on the field, so I was forced to score fast. 2nd kickoff of the 2nd half followed with 8 Khemri going against 6 Stup...born ones. Sure looked like a draw at that point. Guess who decided to interfere? Mr. Snake-eyes. Khemri could'nt get the ball up which opened up pressuring chances for the Stup...born Ghouls and when the Thro-Ra finally got the ball up, he was solo blitzed down by one of the very Ghouls who were very dodgy throughout the game. Napoleon did what he could, and masterfully still got a scoring chance by throwing a Hail-Mary to a Blitz-Ra who actually caught the ball despite tho Ghouls guarding him. Unfortunately the deciding agility feat of dodging proved too hard for this hero.

Really, really chaotic but fun game with really, really weird happenings. It might be that every single Regeneration roll in this match failed. Napoleon rolled double-1s at least four times in the game. Thanks again for this spectacle of a game, Napoleon. Better luck in the rest and good luck in those numerous spp rolls also!

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 4
« on: February 25, 2019, 04:46:44 AM »
Hello, J-Reedy. At least any dead on my side will be resurrected a second time to join your team. Would Tuesday at 19:00 be okay?

Tuesday will work fine, see you then! Actually, I think I can only get one dead player from opponent per match (haven't checked that but I remember getting two deads against either Kvasilad or Barmution and I only got to keep one zombie). But let's hope that we won't get to research this matter in the Tuesday's match :)

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 4
« on: February 22, 2019, 07:37:20 AM »
Match day forwarded, so it's time for the glorious 4th game day of the season. Play on, mates!

And let's see, who do the Stup...born are scheduled to meet... All righty, mr. Napoleon, it looks like there will be lots of dead people on the field but let's hope none of them will be re-deaded. I'm a bit busy for few days, but there are some CET starting times available, here you go:
- Sunday 13-18
- Tuesday 17-20
- Wednesday 17-20

Let me know if any of those suits you, sir. Rest of the next week is still hazy, but let's worry about that later if we have to.

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 3
« on: February 13, 2019, 08:34:03 PM »
And here we have a shocker of a result from two bashy sides:

Stup...born ones started on the attack but a shallow kick and kick-off blitz later a Hashut Centaur was carrying the ball. Scuffle resulted but the Undead were off-position for a defencive stand (of course there are those, who argue that offence is the best defence and thus, as the Stup...born ones were in an offensive setup, they must've also been in the best possible defensive setup, but people who argue this tend to also believe that a goblin can turn himself (or herself, let's not discriminate) into a troll simply by signing up for a permament membership at the Honest Bob's Bodybuilding and Drugs Redistribution Gym) and couldn't prevent the chaos dwarfs from scoring on turn 4. They did however get the chorf Minotaur badly hurt, which lightened up the day a bit (some say this was due to disappointed Minotaur fans leaving their seats and everybody knows that Minotaus are cheap buggers who sit at the cheapest possible seats at the upper edge of the stadium where they tend to block any sunshine simply by towering two lengths of a man (about 6,4 lenghts of a goblin) over anybody else but the Trolls and thus them leaving opened up the field for some sun rays). Well, anyways, Stup...born ones had another go at the offence, but a Perfect Defence from Chaos Dwarfs made the start of the attack bit wobbly. However, after some powy blocking and dodgy maneuvering, the ghouls Summers "Buffy" Slayers was in position to score a TD on the final turn simply by overextending her reach by one step. But, as she was about to score, a spectator near the endzone aimed a bad eye at the poor unfortunate ghoul. However, that didn't scare the brave ghoul as she pulled herself back up from a dangerous looking stumble and continued onwards. Then the snake (oh, did we forgot to mention that the spectator was a membed of Snakepeople, if we did, rest assured that he was) aimed the other one of his bad eyes at the ghoul. And everybody knows that you can't resist snake-eyes.

On the last turn Hashuts managed to KO the mummy they call Mr. Grey and as he didn't recover for the second half, the Chorfs once again had the strenght advantage. And they used that advantage to KO Undead players one by one. The Stup...born ones however refused to give up a running route to the Centaur holding the ball and as the Centaur was making a change of sides that would've got him clear, that Snake guy worked his magic again (proving that he was an equal opportunity spoil-sport and not some racist who only goes snake-eyeing Undead or Dwarfs) and the Undead suddenly had a chance. 7 of the Undead remained and 3 of them them managed to secure the ball, but unfortunately that proved to be temporary. A scuffle resulted and ball was bounced around midfield and suddenly it was all over.

Tight affair where Saitani had a really good kickoff day but I responded with magical block dice in the 1st half. However, snake-eyes on the gfi prevented the equalizer and when Saitani got his KO groove going on the 2nd half, I was lucky to hold the half scoreless. Fun match and casualty wise much friendlier than the last meeting. Thanks again for the game and good luck in the rest, Saitani my man.

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 3
« on: February 13, 2019, 07:15:47 AM »
wednsday at 19-00 should work

All righty, see you later today!

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 3
« on: February 12, 2019, 11:40:03 AM »
Just validated the 2nd match day, so day 3 is ready to play.

Saitani, time to see how angry your mad hatters got after the nuffling massacre of last season. Here are my OK CET starting times for testing the stup...borness and hatness or our players:
- Wednesday 17-19
- Saturday any time after 11
- Sunday any time before 18
- Tuesday (the 19th) 17-20

Let me know if any of those suits you, sir.

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 2
« on: February 10, 2019, 04:29:48 PM »

Another fun match as it always is with the goblins. Highlights of the game included 3 bomb interceptions in a row from AG 1 and 2 players, Fanatic swinging accross the field for max distance to knock down the ball carrier - twice and of course - random violence. Gnaarkill had abysmail dodge dice day and rotten day with the block dice that made the work of undead relatively easy. But even with the bad dice Gnaar-man showed his colors (black and skull white if you were wondering) as a goblin coach and made some brilliant plays to take away the ball twice even though situation seemed desperate. As stated, really fun affair and even friendly with the most serious injury being regenerated. Thanks again for the game Gnaar-mate and better luck with dodging in the future (if I may suggest, maybe give out bigger rum rations when playing on land, getting your gobbos slighty tipsy may balace for the lack of swaying sea).

NUL Season 33 / Re: Season 33 match day 2
« on: February 08, 2019, 05:43:00 AM »

How does sunday @15 sound good sir?

That works fine, dear sir. I'll see you on Sunday. Now I must be off to find some chainsaw blocking grease and anti-bomb nets...

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