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1  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 4 on: December 06, 2017, 10:24:25 AM
Great reporting Kvasilad!

2  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 4 on: December 04, 2017, 09:26:19 PM
Battle Report, Day 4

Enemy sighted, this is clearly indians. They have feathers. We suspect they belong to the "Blue Feet" tribe. Initial report indicates that they are both very strong, fast and nimble. Also, our spies report that their shamans have prepared some kind of magical ritual. Ha, we do not believe in such heathen things.

We prepare a strong defense but before the fight start some locals throw rocks at us. Probably because we looted some enemy farms to restock. General Lee is knocked out for the first half of the battle. A heavy loss.

The indians attack using their superior speed. Some scouts break through our lines but the rest moves from side to side without finding any holes. Their are some skirmishes at the front line but nothing serious. In the meantime we use our cavalry to hunt down their scouts. It takes a couple tries but eventually we find them and hurt them enough so they stop to function as a fighting unit for the rest of the battle. At sunset the front lines are mostly the same as when starting.

Second day of the battle. We decide to take the initiative this time and find their base camp to burn it down. Once again the locals throw rocks but this time at both sides. A total of 10 brigades are temporarily disordered. 7 on their side, 3 on our side. It takes some time to get all formations set up but finally we are ready to move forward for real. Just when we are about to cross over to their territory the fires of hell are let loose on our troops. One entire cavalry unit is knocked out from the fire. Perhaps those scouts were correct after all. We need to find out how to create such a potent weapon.

In the normal fighting we invade their territory and our superior equipment is the difference. The enemy takes heavy losses. The goal is within sight. Four hours into the day and all goes according to the plan but just as we start to feel safe they show what they can do. Their heavy troops kills two of our rear guard brigades while their light troops carry out precision attacks towards prime target. Just before we reach their base camp they skillfully stop us but through some divine intervention we can regain the momentum again and finally reach their base camp to burn it to the ground.


Signed, General William Sherman

That was the most intense match I have played for quite some time.

First half was relatively peaceful but the lizards were not able to get into our half of the field until turn 8 but then it was too late. Tied up his saurus with my zombies and they just took the damage without breaking. Also BH one of this skinks.

Second half I had the advantage and the kick-off event was a blow-out. Rocks, and 10 players are out. But since I failed to pick-up the ball I could not take full advantage. In turn 12 I had finally built a cage and were about to cross the LOS. Then he used his fireball but only got one ghoul. Got within striking distance and felt relatively safe but that is when the crazy stuff started to happen. In one turn he killed two zombies, though one got resurrected. In two other consecutive turns he got the ball free. The last time just outside his TD zone, the ball scattered out of field and at this point I was quite certain it would end 0-0. But when throwed back it went straight into the hands of one of my ghouls that managed to catch it despite being marked by a saurus. That was incredibly lucky. Next turn I could score easily after just one 2D block with block vs non-block.

Overall I definitely had more luck with the dices than the Lizards and got several more KO and BH which meant I could use my superior number to always tie down most of his players which made it very hard for him to do anything.

Good game anyway Lars, you fought hard and well.

3  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 3 on: November 22, 2017, 06:42:59 PM
And then, to add insult to injury, I rolled 1 for the winnings. Of course a journeyman got MVP, so I just barely managed to afford him and replace the -MA lino. Dead broke with 8 players. I cannot even remember The Partly Animals being this fragile Cheesy

Ouch, that is really bad, sorry to hear that.

4  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 3 on: November 21, 2017, 09:03:38 PM
Battle Report, Day 3

We have made enemy contact. They are very fast and agile but not that well protected. Could it be indians?

We decided to initiate a safe attack. All flanks constantly guarded while steadily moving forward. The enemy tried to avoid battle and skillfully just withdraw when we were advancing. Only one small attack possible at a time but our fine sharpshooter troops injured the enemy with surgical precision. At one time they surrounded our heavy brigade and used some dirty tricks to make it surrender but instead their troops were dispatched off the battlefield. Later on they tried an ambush and almost succeded. However, our troops reached their goal as planned.

The enemy regrouped and went for a break through. It was successful. Our cavalry were able to catch them, though, and battle ensued. We captured their treasure chest but by some truly stunning movements that defied all logic they got it back again and carried it to safety.

Time for a forward move. Since we now know how stealthy the enemy were we decided to let our heaviest troop safeguard our treasure chest. And the rest of the army just made sure to protect them. The enemy slowed us down skillfully but since they were heavily outnumbered that was all they could do. We reached our goal.

With just one hour left of the battle the small remains of the enemy army prepared to regain some pride but to no avail. So far we had taken the slow and safe approach, now we surprised them and acted so fast that they were not even able to start their attack before we had flanked and circled around them. Their flag was captured before they understood what happened and in the last few minutes before complete darkness we carried their flag to the headquarter.


Signed, General Thomas "Stonewall" Jacksson

Wow, yet another match there my opponent could not do anything. My luck was excellent and Kvasilad had dismal luck.

First five turns decided the game. Could only make one attack per turn but one player removed every turn made it impossible for him to get back in the game.

Second half was even more ridiculous. He got his touchdown, not much I could do, as expected. But then the ball scattered into the hands of my mummy that just went three steps a turn to score 2-1 in turn 15.

In Kvasilads turn 16 I got a blitz, managed to catch the ball and even get into scoring range. So in my turn 16 I could score 3-1. Totally unfair.

Thanks for the game Kvasilad. You played well and did everything you could but the dices did not allow you any chance whatsoever today.

BR/ Hakos
5  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 3 on: November 20, 2017, 07:09:35 PM
Ah, elves, that will not be easy

Tomorrow, tuesday, at 20:00 should be ok.

6  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 2 on: November 18, 2017, 12:21:42 PM
Battle Report, Day 2

Enemy sighted, our scouts report they have some kind of secret steam engine weapon at their center that we have never seen before. It looks very dangerous. A quick flanking attack was ordered. We attacked on the right flank with some diversion on the left flank to stretch their lines a bit. First attack managed to remove their runner for the rest of the battle. Their steam engine weapon chases our cavalry but breaks down completely at the wrong moment for the enemy. We reach our intended target quickly.

The enemy lacks their secret weapon and half their cavalry but despite being outnumbered they gather for a counter attack. However a blizzard starts that last for the rest of the battle. Their cavalry get lost. We can pin down their Heavy infantery while our troops can flank them on both sides. We reach their headquarter and find their treasure chest which is promply carried to safe territory.

The enemy surely has courage, with half the battle left they are outnumbered 8-11 but still they want to attack us. A massive battle starts near the center of the battle zone. It is a hard fight and soldiers are going down all the time. Finally our Heavy troops manage to hit their center. Several times. Their lines break and we are able to sneak in with our cavalry in their unprotected backside, steal their supplies and break them.

They bravely continues to fight on for some more hours but nothing noteworthy happens.


Signed, General Ulysses S. Grant

Another match that Went unexpectedly well. I was quite afraid for that deathroller and all the block and tackle before the match. But BH his runner in turn 1 and then scoring in turn 3 to remove his deathroller made everything much easier.

Gnaarkill played well but sure was unlucky with key rolls. We were both out of RR in turn 4. And when his last runner failed to pick up the ball twice in turn 5 and 6 in a blizzard it was easy for my fast players to get to the ball. 2-0 happened in turn 8 and after that it was more a matter of going trough the motions in second half.

I hope you have more luck in next game.

7  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 2 on: November 14, 2017, 04:12:12 PM
EDIT: So, I was just about to write to you Grin
Anyway, how about a saturday morning match @11? Smiley


Saturday at 11 sound perfect. Looking forward to defend our hill. High position is always an advantage. By the way does not all other races have the advantage of a high position versus dwarves?

8  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 2 on: November 14, 2017, 11:36:44 AM
Brilliant writeup J-Reedy. I really liked all the nice references to pop culture. Heartbreak Hot Hell for example. Good to hear that you were able to recruit some Strange fellow and that I do not have to meet him. You would have the cape advantage in that case.

Gnaarkill: I cannot play until earliest friday. However, due to the EU top meeting in Gothenburg I will most likely take a day off on friday. So any time on friday, saturday or sunday would work for me.

9  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 1 on: November 11, 2017, 09:00:59 AM
I watched this match live. Have to say the new interface for watching is better than the old one.

I really felt for Napoleon in the first half, his luck was really bad. Impressive that it did not end worse than it did for the first half.

Then in the second half I got to see a bit of what Kislev can do. I'm duly impressed. I think this team can be very dangerous when it starts to skill up.

10  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 1 on: November 09, 2017, 08:45:08 AM
Nothing serious

Just one zombie with -AV and one thrall with niggling injury

Not worth mentioning really

But my Wight got +ST, that could be worth mentioning Smiley


EDIT: by the way, J-Reedy, your picture does not show up
11  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 1 on: November 08, 2017, 08:40:50 PM
Battle Report, Day 1

We have engaged the enemy. They dared to attack our home base. We defended with proper lines and our right  flank quickly managed  to knock out an enemy general out on a lonely scouting trip. We got hold of the enemy plans from the fallen general and could launch a massive counter attack. We stole their treasure chest and punched a hole in their line. Soon after we achieved our target. Time for regrouping

The enemy tried another attack but our cavalry could sneak in behind their lines and sack their supply. Once again we achieved our target.

At half time of the battle we outnumbered the enemy greatly and could launch our own attack. We quickly achieved our target.

Despite low enemy morale the few remains of their army gathered for a final attack against our fully reinforced forces. It was in wain. Our slow but heavy hitting troops surrounded their infantery. With their infantery pinned down it was an easy task for our cavalry to once again surround the enemy headquarter. By knocking out their generals personal guard and capturing him we could capture their flag and the day belonged to us.


Signed, General Robert E. Lee

Thanks for the game J-Reedy. You got a serious nuffling when your vampire tripped and knocked himself out Before my first turn. And I got really lucky with my ghouls sneaking in and stealing the ball twice. Nothing you could do today. Hope you have better luck in your next game.

12  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 1 on: November 08, 2017, 05:52:20 PM
Hi j-reedy

I Kinda forgot about our game today, can we start at 20 instead?
13  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 1 on: November 05, 2017, 06:53:19 AM
J-Reedy: I can play most times tomorrow sunday if we manage to agree on a time quickly. Otherwise, next week it should be possible to start sometime between 18-20 on most evenings except thursday.

Ah, two stylishly caped gentlemen shall meet two muscular gents fully wrapped in rags. With some bystanders crowding both sides. So, we'll be seeing if it's a story of rags to riches or story of caped crusaders' succesful journey.

I'll be spending most of Sunday at my grandma's, it's her birthday, so let's make it next week. Monday at 19 or Wednesdey 18-20 would be ideal for me. Let me know which one suits you better, sir Hakos.

Both would work, but I think I prefer wednesday before monday. Let's aim for wednesday at 19, shall we?

BR/ Hakos
14  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S28 Match Day 1 on: November 04, 2017, 06:41:38 PM
Yay, a new season is started

And it is dead versus dead, (un)dead fun

J-Reedy: I can play most times tomorrow sunday if we manage to agree on a time quickly. Otherwise, next week it should be possible to start sometime between 18-20 on most evenings except thursday.

15  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S27 FINALS on: October 28, 2017, 08:07:32 AM
Congratulations to both of you but slightly more to the Winner. Well done Equilibri.

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