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1  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 5 on: Today at 03:39:24 PM
@Napoleon: Yes, Wednesday @ 18:30 works fine

@J-Reedy: nice to see a continuous story, I wonder what will happen next?

@J-Reedy: 0% Ball Possession, is that really correct?

@Saitani: I watched your match versus Kvasilad live, that really was some crappy dices


2  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 5 on: September 22, 2018, 08:01:46 AM
Hey Napoleon

When should I start to dance around your clumsy, but oh so strong, players?

Today from 18 should work
Any time on sunday is also ok
Monday + Wednesday after 18 works
Probably friday after 18 works
and next weekend is a bit blurry

3  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 5 on: September 22, 2018, 07:55:41 AM

With more than half season played the battle for top spots is heating up. With the unexpected loss for My Little Hashut all teams have now lost at least one game each making the standings quite even. Most teams still have a shot to make top 2 which means the remaining three days for sure will see some inspired and heated matches since every point will count. In other news, we are happy to report that we have a new bookie. The snotling Trustworthy Trikker has agreed to help out with some odds, as long as they do not involve trolls.

Match 1 - Nimble Feets (Wood Elves) vs Khemri Astronauts (Khemri)
Breaking news, first here in “The Legends”: Nimble Feets are recruiting a new talented war dancer for their team. We got a quick quote from the coach: “With Tony Tango and Cash Capoeira we have a pair of players that any team would fear, especially if they do shady business on the side.”

On the agile front this is quite a one sided match with the most agile team in the league facing off versus the least agile. The astronauts do wield 4 strength 5 players though and Heqet the Westerner have a mighty blow so we predict that the average of one permanently damaged elf player per match will continue.

Match 2 - Punk Rock Rotters (Nurgle) vs Butchers’s Bay Pirates (Goblin)
This seems to be a game that could end in any way. The pirates are the only team with positive luck and they utilize that well to both entertain the audience and surprise their opponents. Perhaps this is the time for them to actually win a match? The punk band is a very uneven team, one day they win, the next they lose. There seems to be no way to predict their form of the day. Let’s ask Mr Trikker what he thinks. “I give a 2:7 odds on the goblins, yeah, I know, it is better odds than you can find anywhere else and it probably will make me go broke, but hey, what can I say, I have a soft spot for teams with small players.”

Match 3 - Ball, Bounce and Beyond (Kislev) vs Dis Thing of Ours (Underworld Denizens)
If you only watch one match this day, select this one. These teams currently occupy the second and third spot in the standings and both have a fair chance of making top 2. Both have a positive form curve. BBB now have the most valuable team and with double guard this is a team that truly plays as a team. Also, their coach knows the strength and weaknesses of his opponent well since his time with the Wonderworlders. Dis Thing of Ours on the other hand have only one experienced player and the worst luck of all teams. But despite that they do occupy the second place with a 3-1 record and everyone knows that it is a bad idea to bet against the camorra.

Match 4 - My Little Hashut (Chaos Dwarfs) vs Radio Rangers (Lizardmen)
On paper this looks like a sure bet. My Little Hashut still leads the league while the radio lizards occupy the sixth spot. All that tackle versus a dodge heavy team is also an indication. The radio lizards had a disastrous day 4 and currently misses two key players. One Saurus and Sector Steve, the fastest player in the league, both have to rest during this match. But the lizards are still a strong team, perhaps our fortune teller have another opinion? “Mmm, skink sandwiches, the best sandwiches there are.”
4  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Statistics on: September 21, 2018, 05:49:34 PM
Would it be possible to add the missing match from match day 2 to get the proper standings and statistics? /hakos
5  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 4 on: September 20, 2018, 11:05:39 AM
Great match reports, I really get a feel of the game.

But wow, you are fast, need to start on next edition of "The Legends" much faster than anticipated.

6  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 4 on: September 16, 2018, 02:37:56 PM
yes, agree, you could have gone for the draw but check the luck stats in bb2replayer. Edited my post to be more correct. There was so much happening in the second half of the match that it took some time to sort it out in my brain afterwards. /hakos
7  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 4 on: September 16, 2018, 02:15:04 PM
First match of day 4 is played. Seems the editor of the legends was wrong. Although it was a Nuffle match.

After the first four turns I was very close to give up and just click next. Rolled only 1's and skulls and it was the first rolls in the turns as well. Two players down, one lineelf BH with -1 AV. Impossible position.

In a position like that there is only one thing to do, gamble. And elves can gamble. My wardancer danced and leaped to get the ball free. A catcher picked it up, made a throw to a line elf who then handed it over to another line elf that could run to safety. In turn 8 I scored 1-0.

In fact, I was even more lucky than that. Managed to BH one hobgoblin and KO the other two and they continued to sleep so at the start of the second round he had some ball handling issues.

Plenty of turns, luck and action left though. This time I got a Blitz. Managed to position all four catchers in his side, between the wall of dwarfs at LOS and the only two ball Carriers on his side. The bull and the one and only hobgoblin. Then the wardancer leaped over the wall of battle dwarfs and badly hurt his goblin. There was some back and forth but the bull centaur got the ball and just ran to score in turn 13. 1-1

On this kick-off the judge decided to give us one extra turn. My elves attacked heavily on the left flank. Got the ball deep into his side. The centaur blitzed but failed to get the ball free. Ran away with a catcher and stalled for one turn before scoring the 2-1.

Two turns left, the dwarfs might be able to equalize if they could ge the ball to their centaur who was ready to just ran as far as possible. However, a chaos dwarf managed to double skull so the ball was almost free. Just guarded by three dwarfs. But one push later the ball bounced free and some speedy elfs could pick it up. In the final turn of the match the elfs scored again. 3-1.

In addition to the luck described above, the dwarfs hit the elves 41 times but only managed to get 3 BH and 1 KO. Also, the minotaur just roared wildly an unproproportinate amount of times. So all in all, except the first four turns, Nuffle was surely on my side.

Thanks for the match Saitani, sorry about the severe Nuffling.


edit: Updated description for goal 2 and 3 to be correct
8  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 4 on: September 16, 2018, 07:15:59 AM

And here it is, NUL 31:4. Wait, what happened with the day 3 issue? Well, what did not happen, our bookie made a bad bet and disappeared. Our crowd expert lost a heated argument with some other fan’s and since this is blood bowl fans you can guess how that ended. Our economist predicted a crash of the economy, sold everything and travelled to another country. The editor happened to breath in the same fumes as our fortune teller and somehow one week just disappeared. Well, enough about that, back to NUL, day 4.

Match 1 - Khemri Astronauts (Khemri) vs Dis Thing of Ours (Underworld Denizens)
The astronauts have finally returned to earth after some engine trouble and started well with a 1-1 match versus the pirate goblins. Now it is time for another breed of goblins. The underworld variant. With less data it is difficult to predict what will happen, so why not ask our fortune teller. “One used to air and open space, one used to darkness and caverns. Who is visiting who will decide.”

Match 2 - Radio Rangers (Lizardmen) vs Butchers’s Bay Pirates (Goblin)
This is an interesting one. No teams are missing any player. The lizards are on fourth place but their form seems to decline since they lost their last match. The goblin’s proudly takes the last spot but seems to have an improving form gaining their first point last match. Also, with a 250 difference in TV the goblins will have some juicy inducements that will help them a lot. Will they be able to stop Sector Steve, though?

Match 3 - My Little Hashut (Chaos Dwarfs) vs Nimble Feets (Wood Elves)
This is the easy one to predict, even for the editor. My little hashut, the only team with a perfect 3 victories, versus the elves with no victory. The team with the most blocks, most casualties, most injuries and most knockouts versus the team with the least armor. Splat. There is only one interesting bet to make. No one has been able to score against the Hashut so far but the Nimble Feets have scored in every match so far. Which record will stand?

Match 4 - Ball, Bounce and Beyond (Kislev) vs Punk Rock Rotters (Nurgle)
These two teams have one thing in common. Their only loss comes from meeting My Little Hashut. Despite that, BBB have been struggling this season, their luck is among the worst and the coach says they need more skills. On the other hand, they now have some dodge and guard skills that enhances their team quite a lot and their coach sure knows how to get the most out them. The Punk gang is a team to look out for. They sit nicely at a second place and has also skilled up very well with three players gaining the block skill, making them a fearsome bashing machine already now. Agility and flair versus raw brutality. A classic matchup. The winners will be the audience.
9  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 4 on: September 16, 2018, 06:45:30 AM
Match day 4 is now open, so play on, mates.

Are you certain the match day is open? It seems someone needs to forward the match day before 14 today since the game still states that "the round is awaiting confirmation".

10  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 4 on: September 15, 2018, 06:35:37 PM
Hakos im able to play on the next weekend or tomorow(sunday)

Hmm, why not get it over with. How about tomorrow (sunday) at about 14?

11  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 4 on: September 15, 2018, 02:21:04 PM
Hi Saitani

Time for the match I have dreaded since the day I saw you would join with Chaos Dwarfs.

The times to be slaughtered are few this week.

Tuesday, starting at 19
Friday, starting at 19
Weekend, starting almost at any time

12  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 3 on: September 15, 2018, 02:18:33 PM
Yes, it was a nice and fun game, apart from that dead lineman before I could even act.

You made all the right moves and played safely to get a well deserved victory.

In hindsight I probably should have started with the elf shenanigans a bit earlier.



13  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 3 on: September 12, 2018, 05:43:12 PM
Ok, in that case the earliest date that fit us both is evening on 13th of september /hakos

All righty, back from the vacation trip. Thursday would be OK from 20.30 onwards. Other possibilities would be:
- Friday 13-late
- Saturday any time
- Sunday any time

Let me know which one suites you the best, sir.

I believe saturday afternoon, around 14-15 would be a perfect starting time for me.

14  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 2 on: September 02, 2018, 10:57:08 AM
Only one permanent damage, and I can live with it. Plus 1-1 versus Barmution. That's a win in my book.

Thanks for the game, I did enjoy it.

15  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 2 on: September 02, 2018, 09:07:32 AM
Got the message "Internal Server Error" just after loggin in. Thought it worked anyway since we could start inducement phase but my game hanged when trying to start the actual playing.
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