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1  The Leagues / NUL Season 30 / Re: Season 30 Match Day 1 on: April 19, 2018, 05:04:46 AM
J-R, looks like we're on for the season-opener! Hope you don't mind too much that I've skipped the child boards for this season, I frankly don't see the point having as few topics as we do per season.

Anyway, most evenings this week are doable for me. So far, Saturday seems open as well, although that may change.

No problem with the forum structure, just glad and thankful that you had the time to do the heavy lifting on adding the MDs.

As to the game, weekdays will be bit hard for a while, but weekends are free. So, either
- Saturday 11-20 or
- Sunday 9-17
would be OK for me. Let me know if those suit you, sir.
2  General Information / Sign Up! / Re: Season 30 SIGNUP on: April 10, 2018, 04:00:52 PM
Season 30 has been created into NUL Championship, admission mode is free. Head on there to signup your team.
3  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 FINALS! on: April 10, 2018, 05:15:20 AM
Congrats Lars!

I'll put up the new league later tomorrow, now it's time to head to work.
4  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 FINALS! on: March 29, 2018, 06:01:13 AM
Finals competition was started yesterday, so final is playable whenever you want, mates.
5  The Leagues / Schedule / S29 FINALS! on: March 23, 2018, 09:00:33 PM
The Finals league has been created and invitations have been sent to...
the defending champs, Wonderworlders, coached by Barmution!
and the veteran team of Crooked Crocs, coached by Lars!

Gratz to both finalists, give us a Finals to remember. Please also note when you have registered to the league so either me or Kvasilad and start the competition.
6  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 Match Day 7 on: March 17, 2018, 05:56:57 PM

And thus ends the season for two very different undead teams. Nurgle snatches away the victory even though the cool caped dudes were superious in getting players off the field. Unfortunately most of them were thralls that left the field with bite marks on their necks. 1st TD for Gnaarman was a slow advance where my players just twiddled away and I got no opening to stop the ball. Extremely good offence from Gnaarkiller. 2nd half, I got down in numbers due to couple bloodlusts, so I went for a fast equilizer. Another rotting advance started, this time not so slow and I got to the skin of the ball-carrier, but as hypnotic gaze doesn't seem to stick on Nurgle - probably because the players eyes keep oozing away and some are even swinging from tendens and stuff, so it's hard to aim the gaze - so no chance for the ball until on the very last turn, but as I had to spend reroll on dodge, I just managed a pushback. So Gnaardude just had to blitz and cross the TD line. Thanks for the game, Gnaarkill, nice game, and friendly between the coaches but definately not between the players Smiley
7  General Information / Sign Up! / Season 30 SIGNUP on: March 17, 2018, 05:49:16 PM
Okay, previous season is on the final round and will be finished in about a week or two. So time to talk about the next season. As this will, the 30th season, I guess we'll have to go with triple-X league without no TV limits and the 31st will be the new teams only.

Official Stuff

1. Read the introductory thread with the explanation on league structure HERE.
2: Create an account on this forum. Note that due to high activity from spam-bots, admins have to approve your account before you can post here. This may take some time.
3: Post a reply in this thread that you want to join.
4: Read the "Essential rules" section HERE and post a reply in that thread that you have understood the rules.
5: The admin team will add you on the participant list in this post.

OLD Coaches know the drill, just tell what team you'll be taking to the trophy hunt.

1. J-Reedy - Capes Are Cool (Vampires)
2. Gnaarkill - Slowly We R0t (Nurgle)
3. Equilibri -
4. Napoleon - Kossar Catchers (Kislev)
5. Barmution - Trondheim Kennel Club (Necromantic)
6. Kvasilad - Great Bretonn(ian)
7. Hakos - Brothers in Death (Undead)
8. Lars - Crooked Crocs (the Champs)
8  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 Match Day 7 on: March 17, 2018, 08:03:51 AM

Hey J-R!

Looking forward to our relaxed brutal footballing match! Cheesy

If you see this in time, can I suggest a dance @17 tomorrow (saturday)?
Otherwise tuesday @19 will do aswell Smiley


Today @17 will be fine, see you later!
9  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 Match Day 7 on: March 15, 2018, 06:47:09 AM
MD 6 has been confirmed, so it's now time for the deciding round. Wonderworlders will be defending their title, but whopping three teams still have a chance to join the underworld team in the finals. Crooked Crocs have the pole position, win will take them to finals, but they are playing against Equi's draw machine. A draw would open up chances for the Great Bretonn or Bros in Death to sneak in to the finals. Interesting times, so play on, mates!

Gnaarkill, our match won't affect the race for the finals, so time to have some relaxed fun. Here are my OK starting times (CET) that I can guarantee at this moment:
- Saturday any time after 12.
- Sunday 11-17
- Tuesday/Wednesday 17-19.30

Let me know if any of those suit you, sir.
10  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 Match Day 6 on: March 10, 2018, 04:23:06 PM

Fast and nice game here. Vamps managed to keep the Kossars from scoring on the opening half despite having only 4 players left at the end. On second half vamps took unnescessarily risky pass which left the receiving vamp open for a blitz. But even though the ball-carrier went down, Capers managed to score the go-ahead goal with 3 turns left on the clock. Thought I had Napoleon on the ropes when the last turn started, but then he showed what the Kislev can do. Leap behind my line resulted in two pushback blocks that lead the Kislev blitzer into a scoring distance. Handoff and gfi later the game was tied and over. Very nice play from Napoleon, gratz on that! Both of us had moments with bad dice, but overall I think the luck evened out. Good luck in rest of the games, Napoleon!
11  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 Match Day 6 on: March 08, 2018, 05:27:32 AM
No problem about the lack of options. I will be free for most of Saturday, so should we aim for 4:00 CET on Saturday? As I said, I am free for most of the day so, if any time before 18:30 CET is more convenient, we can do that, instead.

4 pm CET is fine with me, so let's take that one!
12  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 Match Day 6 on: March 07, 2018, 07:12:37 AM
MD 5 is now confirmed and day 6 is ready to be played. Game on!

Napoleon, time for our two exotic teams to dance once again. Here are my OK starting times in British time:

- Saturday any time before 19.00
- Wednesday (the 14th) 17-19

Let me know if either of those suits you, sir. Sorry for the lack of options, have a christening and mother's birthday to deal with in the next few days. I'll get better idead about rest of the next week on Monday if nescessary.
13  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 Match Day 5 on: March 01, 2018, 06:51:10 AM
Saturday at 19 would be perfect for me /hakos

That is an excellent time, so let's lock it up!
14  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 Match Day 5 on: February 27, 2018, 06:45:23 PM
Match day is forwarded, so day 5 is upon us. Play on mates!

Hakos. Time for the undead and the living dead to meet and see if capetastic fashion sense can triumph over military brotherhood that wins over death. Here are my OK CET starting times:
- Friday 20.
- Saturday 18-late.
- Sunday 10-17.
- Tuesday 18-20.

And that's as far as I can tell at this point. Let me know if any of those times suits you, sir.
15  The Leagues / Schedule / Re: S29 Match Day 4 on: February 27, 2018, 06:39:45 PM
Well, hot digity and slam me in a socker with a stinking sock if this match against Equilibri's norse team wasn't one of the most exciting and zaniest games ever. Excitement! Danger! Deaths - well, a death! Beer! All that an exciting Blood Bowl match needs. Except for touchdowns...

Vampires start the first half on attack. High kick, vamp under the ball, catch. All good. First roll, bloodlust forces the vamp to stay deep and suck on covering lineman. Some norse go down. Then they get up and KO two thralls. Playboy vampire Bruce Wayne breaks through ready to receive if needed. No pass is a coming, so he goes little bit deeper. Wham, something hairy smacks into him and he is pushed back. Hairy thing keeps on pushing and Bruce finds himself off the field. Vampire coach finds himself seriously undermanned and tries desperately to A) find some cover and B) get the ball to vamp behind enemy lines. Some cover is found, but two passing attempts made drop to the feet of the passer to be. Some scrimmage follows which results in norse ball-carrier being a blitz away from scoring at the final turn. Vampire coach goes for the most desperate of plays: he tries to jinx the norse block roll. Success! Double skulls ends the 1st half.

Second half, riot, one lost turn. Ball lands next to sideline near midfield. Norse runner gets cover and just makes it to pick up the ball. Darth Vader rolls in and hypnoes one of the covering lines which gives our playboy vamp a blitz on the ball-carrier. He goes down but not out due to fancy sidestepping, probably picked up during childhood ballet or tap dancing classes that his mother forced him to attend. Following turns: vampires secure the ball, norse player is taken off the field. norse blitz the carrier down, ball is on the ground. Repeat this two or three times. Then suddenly something happens, probably the pre-match ales that the norse downed kick in and they go on overdrive. Darth Vader, after managing to pick up a bouncing ball on a 3rd try, finds himself being carried off the field with a sudden case of death. A doctor is alerted, who succesfully punches Vader back to life, but unfortunately manages to remove Vader's eye in the process. Luckily for mr. Vader, he finds some inner force to heal the eye spontaniously. Meanwhile, at the field, norse have secured the ball dropped by Vader and have passed it close to other sideline. No vampires or thralls in sight. Vampires and thralls respond by hightailing it to cover positions and sending a lone thrall to blitz the carrier. Luckily the thrall in question happened to be wrestling champ of his agricultural college before joining the team, so the norse carrier actually goes down. Wrestler champ picks up the ball. Then he goes down, norse get the ball. Then norse goes down. Vamps need a pass for a chance to score, so thrall is sent to scoring position. Then something hairy smacks into the thrall waiting for the ball. Game is decided. Playing without pressure vampires KO two norse and make a succesfull pass. Dictionary defitination of too much too late. Or something like that. Crazy game that truly ebbed and flowed. Good game from Equilibri, he really dominated the 1st half.
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