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1  General Information / Sign Up! / Re: Season 32 SIGNUP on: October 21, 2018, 10:47:47 AM
I've created a 10 team competition, Season 32. Free to join.

@Barmution, I checked the new member applications in the forum, nothing but names/e-mails that are most likely spam bots. But just in case, I removed just the obvious and blacklisted ones. If you know the name that your mate will be using, let us know and we'll keep an eye out for that forum registration.

@Kvasilad, actually there seems to be "Add AI Team" button in the League -> Teams. Could be that we can add AI team and just admin that as a Human victory. Have to look into that further.

Going with the Undead, Too Stup...born to Die will join the fray as rookies. There are rumours that they were supposed to join already last season but they refused to sign the registration forms due to the stubbornes of their manager. Though some nasty wagging tongues claim that the manager refused to do that because he didn't know how to draw a cross, so he had to learn to do that to be able to do the registration. 
2  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 7 on: October 12, 2018, 07:01:37 AM
I already created the "Season 31 Finals" competition last night. Free to enter, so Barm and Hakos can just mosy in when ready. I'll be away from Friday to Monday, so Kvasiman is probly the one who will kick off the competition when you two amazing coaches are in.

Grats for the finalists and good luck to both of ya!
3  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 7 on: October 11, 2018, 06:34:21 PM
The culprit behind the betting scandal few weeks back, namely goblin betting clerk Gemmy Leftcheeks, woke up from the coma he had been since being apprehended in a Blood Bowl match while pretending to be a player in the Dis Thing of Ours Underworld team. Unfortunately the criminal mastermind managed to escape the infirmary before he could be questioned. Officials are still mystified how a goblin, and lightweight of a goblin at that, managed to overcome the squad of five Ogre constables and Minotaur lieutenant who were guarding him. Current theory is that Gemmy somehow managed to get his hands on some Troll drool and made the officials slip on that and knock their heads on something hard. This theory is supported by the fact that the police officials were found unconsious and covered in Troll drool.

Another mystery is why Gemmy Leftcheek decided to flee to the Blood Bowl game of Dis Thing of Ours that they were playing against Punk Rock Rotters. Leftcheek managed to sneak onto the field dressed as a player but was quickly killed by opposing player. Three spectators claimed at first that they saw some members of the Underworld team holding mr. Leftcheek in place while a Rotter by the name of No Use for a Name pummeled the poor fellow. However, one these spectators suffered a fatal accident involving a 3 meter tall two ton water heater that stadium officials swear was bolted to the floor firmly but somehow fell and landed on the the said spectator who was "doing his business" 10 meters away. The other two witnesses to the claimed foul play were questioned by the officials but they admitted that they might've been to excited due the the violent match and now deny seeing anything.

Dis Thing of Ours was clearly upset by the sudden appearance of the sneaky criminal bookie-wannabe and thus they suffered a 2-0 loss and numerous casualties. However, the Underworld family that owns the team quickly stated after the game that they were very happy with the results of the season and that team financials were going well. Which is very mysterious as the team's ticket income from their last two games has totalled just 20 000 gold pieces.


Yup, I had a shot at this game. For about two turns. Then came the injuries. Managed to keep in the game and even got the ball away with a Troll airlines opening up a blitzing lane. But the numbers were just against me and Lars scored quite easy at the end. Sun seemed to shine on me when I got a reroll for the consolation turn 8, giving me good chance for some passing spp at least. Then came the double skulls, twice. Second half, down 4 players. Blitz on the kickoff against me. And after that it went downhill. Lazer-Lars played a nice flawless game though he really didn't have to do much. Thanks again for the game and good luck for the next season, Lars!
4  General Information / Sign Up! / Re: Season 32 SIGNUP on: October 11, 2018, 06:05:59 PM
I'm in. Not sure with what team as I'm still in extremely frustration over season 31. I'll have to check what teams I have available. Could also be that I'm going for my safety blanket and first love team that I know inside out, the Undead. Would be a rookie team.
5  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 7 on: October 08, 2018, 05:33:07 AM

Thursday 19 will be a good time for me


Okej, vi ses på torsdag!
6  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 7 on: October 06, 2018, 05:59:50 PM
Hi Lars! Time for our unlucky teams to meet. I'll be traveling from next Friday to Monday next week, so I hope one of these CET times suits you, sir:
Sunday 17-18
Tuesday 17-19.30
Wednesday 18-20
Thursday 18-21
7  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 6 on: October 04, 2018, 05:08:22 PM
One of the most legendary prop bets that bookies have given out for ages is that of a Blood Bowl match ending in under an hour. This hadn't happened ever in the history of Blood Bowl and betting before tonight. Namely because the bet terms state that the match length is considered to include the initial cheerleader shows, toin coss, team introductions and the combined singing of the team anthems and who can knock the has been artist of the day with a rock during the team anthems competition. But now, as we hinted, this bet has hit and oh boy, has it hit big. Once again, like so many times before during this season, one of the teams involved in this betting outrage is the Underworld side Dis Thing of Ours and once again, betting on this unexpected result had been big and hard which resulted in 147 bookies going bankcrupt in one night.
Reports from the DTOO match against the Chaos Dwarf side My Little Hashut state that this was one of the most lopsided matches in ages and it almost looked like the Underworld players were dileberately failing their dodges. In the end, the match ended in record braking 56 minutes.

Third Nuffling of the season doles out third loss. Don't really understand how I had positive luck there. Gobbos were failing dodges on 1 almost every turn. On first turn I got one cdwarf down pushing back on rest of the blocks. At the start of the 2nd turn I was 2 skavens down. At the start of the 4th turn I had lost the ball and there were 6 players KO'd and 2 cassed. Tried to what I could but turns out I couldn't do anything. Got the ball out on defence with a lightning bolt, even picked up the ball and got some protection. The score should tell what happened. On the two consolidation turns got the ball to scoring position, blitzed down. Ball bounced next to goal-line which gave a gobbo a chance to score. Yeah. The. Most. Frustrating. Match. This. Season. Saitani played flawlessly, taking advantage on my bad day expertly. Thanks again for the match, mate, and sorry if sounded too bitter during the match (and in this report Smiley.
8  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 6 on: October 02, 2018, 07:34:13 AM
J-ready when can you play i can thursday friday saturday and sunday from 18.00 cet on thurs/friday and whenever in the weekend aslong as im not working overtime

Thursday at 18.00 cet would be the optimal time for me. If needed, I can stretch the start to 20.00.
9  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 5 on: September 30, 2018, 07:15:00 AM
Match reset, ready to play.
10  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 5 on: September 24, 2018, 09:47:38 PM
@J-Reedy: 0% Ball Possession, is that really correct?

I picked up the ball on T1, Barm blitzed carrier down on his T1and got the ball as I had no players for caging due to Pitch Invasion. I took carrier down on my T2 and got the ball, then Barm blitzed the ball away. I had the ball at 1st half T8 where I tried 1 turn gobbo toss TD which ended in failed landing and turnover. after that I didn't see the ball until my 2nd half T8 where I picked up the ball but failed an spp pass. So I guess that counts as 0% possession as I didn't have the ball for full turn at any point in the match.
11  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 5 on: September 22, 2018, 12:05:21 PM
The trainee bookie implicated in last week's betting scandal has been discovered! If you recall, a trainee of Trustworthy Trikker's betting agency put up a bet that caused a controversy and ended up costing the snottling bookie a pretty penny. Mr. Trikker put up a bounty on the goblin identified as having a gem stuck in his left arse cheek. This bounty has now been collected, and what makes things interesting is that it was done by the Underworld Blood Bowl team Dis Thing of Ours who were the other team involved in the tricked up bet from last week. The goblin, now identified as Gemmy Leftcheek, infiltrated the team by some means that are at the moment unknown and according to the Underworld coach, caused the loss of the Underworld side in their game against the Kislev team Ball, Bounce and Beyond. The goblin was identified by the crowd at the start of the match, and as the bounty put up by mr. Trikker is quite substantial, some of the more brave sould invaded the pitch, leaving five Underworlders stunned on the field. Mr. Leftcheek avoided the crowd but not the hand of justice, or in this case, the hand of the Underworld troll Bonnie Clyde. The troll chased the wanted goblin around on the orders from the team's coach and finally got hands on the little sneak when he was holding the ball. The comment from the Dis Thing of Ours describes the catch the best: "When Bonnie Clyde gets handz on ya, ya go downs. Its'a shame that dad happened when da sneaky bugger had da ball and we hadz da chansy to score if he'd'a been tossed to da endzone. But Bonnie Clyde was bitzy frustrated by chasing our gobboneers around, so its'a just a naturello thingy dat Bonnie dids threw da sneaky gobbo so hard dat he wents unconsioussly".

Unfortunately the bookie goblin got apprehended so late, that Bonnie Clyde had already caused injury to one other goblin in the team and eaten another one, while the troll was going through the goblins to check who had the famous green gem in their backside. Thus the Underworlders were playing seriously undergoblined and lost the match by 2 touchdown. However, this bit of a surprising result didn't seem to have been a suprise to betters, as there was heavy betting on the amount of goblins taken out of the game and loss of the Underworld side on the last two hours before the match. According to bookie sources who wish to remain anonymous, most of the winning bets were placed by folks "looking like gem miners".

Gemmy Leftcheek is currently held at a prison hospital as he has been unconsious since the match. Law enforcement officials hope that the goblin will recover soon so that he can be questioned on the betting incident.


Yeah, Barmution is right, I really did a number on my goblins with my troll. But not really bothered about that, as the end result was bit of an inspiration on the match report side. If you can call that a match report. Well played by Barmution as always, controlled affair where I some chances on the second half, but goblin sides won't be winning the war of attrition anytime soon, so the end result wasn't really at jeopardy at any point.
12  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 5 on: September 21, 2018, 03:54:23 PM
Hehe, yeah... this will be a fun one! I've still got exactly 0 block so those rascally little pieces of ammuni... er, goblins will probably vex me to no end Tongue

How about tomorrow (SAT) at 12:00 UTC/GMT+2?

-El Barmo

That'll work fine, see you tomorrow!

@Kvasilad, I've rerolled at least twice this season. MD4 match for sure, I think I rolled either 1 or 2 first, then rerolled into... four, IIRC.
13  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 5 on: September 21, 2018, 08:30:45 AM
Three more to go, then one to crown the chumps to champs. This day is open, so play on, mates!

Barm the man, time to see if flying goblins will hit your bear keepers or fly through your cartwheeling leapers. Still a week of vacation left but couple of homeland trips lessen my gaming availability a bit and hinder my visibility to see far in to the future. So here are my okay-dokey CEST start times:
- Saturday any time
- Sunday any before noon
- Tuesday should be any time if booked early

Let me know if any ot those suits you, sir.

14  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 4 on: September 18, 2018, 04:45:17 PM
Nasty incident occurred last night in a local betting parlour after the BB match between the Khemri Astronauts and the Underworld side of Dis Thing of Ours ended. There were bunch of Underworldly looking goblins and skavens demanding payout on their betting slips for the Troll player Bonnie Clyde of Dis Thing of Ours causing two casualties in the said match. The betting establishment refused to pay as the stats of match showed the Troll had no casualties. However, every report on the match states that Bonnie Clyde did injure two of Underworld goblins. First injury became as the Troll player suddenly got hungry while heaving up the little Underworld goblin who managed to struggle out of Bonnie Clyde's hold but injured himself when he hit the turf. Second injury resulted when a goblin tossed by the Underworld Troll cracked his skull against that of the opposing Tomb Guardian in a collision that resulted in both of the players falling down. Unsurprisingly, the Underworlder suffered more serious damage and was carried off the field. As these injuries were not stats worthy, the betting parlour is insisting that the bets made for the two casualties will not be paid out. Controversial decision, as the bet was up with the wording of "causing" and not the usual "scoring". When we asked the betting parlours comments, the owner of the establisment, Snotling by the name of Trustworthy Trikker stated that the bet was listed by a new employee who was just hired. This employee has since disappeared, so mr. Trikker informed that he would be very curious to get in touch with a young goblin who speaks with "underwordly" accent and has green gem stuck on his left arse cheek.
Dis Thing of Ours sent the following response when we asked them for comments in this controversy: "We dun not knows nothings abut dis thingy buts its'a damn shamely stuff that bets ain't respected anymores when its'a clearly honestly truthy ding dat Bonnie Clyde caused da casualties. We just'a hopes that no individual persons whose in no circumstances ain't not affiliated with us doesn't gets too angry and fire up da bet shoppy."

Exciting match with lots of failed gfis. Napoleon played good defence on my first attack and got a 2d blitz on my carrier, but two rolls of 1 in three rolls made sure I got the score. Two nail-biting defensive stands resulted and Napoleon's attacks got reaaaal close to the endzone. The final defence was made bit easier when both Thro-Ras were out at the final turns. Good game from Napoleon with one of the hardest teams to play with. Thanks for the game, Napoleon, and good luck in the rest!
15  The Leagues / NUL Season 31 / Re: Season 31 Match Day 4 on: September 16, 2018, 05:08:34 PM
Would Tuesday at 17:00 be okay?

The Legends issue is great, Hakos. Cheesy

Tuesday at 17 is more than OK, see you then!

Agree on the Legends, Hakos, great work with that and the match report!
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