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Sign Up! / Re: Season 53 - The Second Blo...
Last post by Polly71 - Yesterday at 07:44:09 PM
Polly71 - Pollys Dream  Dwarf
Sign Up! / Season 53 - The Second Blood.....
Last post by tags - Yesterday at 06:48:19 PM
Only the Finals left in Season 52, our first ever Blood Bowl 3 NUL season, so let's start the sign-up for Season 53!

This is the second season of the three season series, so this time semi-experienced teams and new teams are allowed. TV limit will be that of the highest team from season 52 that will continue into season 53. You are free to use older existing NUL teams for season 53, given that they fall within the TV limit. That means you can swap out your season 52 team if you're not happy with it! (...and you have an existing NUL team that qualifies) and new teams are always OK in any season.

Instructions for new coaches:
1. Read the introductory thread with the explanation on league structure HERE.
2: Create an account on this forum. Note that due to high activity from spam-bots, admins have to approve your account before you can post here. This may take some time but admins will try to be on lookout for genuine account registration (not spammers) during signup season. You can also look for our Discord server "NUL" and contact us there.
3: Post a reply in this thread that you want to join.
4: Read the "Essential rules" section HERE and post a reply in that thread that you have understood the rules.
5: The admin team will add you on the participant list in this post.

You can also check the Discord server for the league ( - add https:// in front of that)

Please drop a note here if you plan to participate in the season, but NEW this season is that NUL Season 53 is already created in-game, so you can join up immediately. Password as always is 'nul'.


1. tags - The Unalived (Shambling Undead)
NUL Season 52 / Re: Playoffs!
Last post by tags - June 09, 2024, 03:46:32 PM
Second semi-final played!

Unalived chose to receive, scored early (turn 3). Was I too cocky, though? Seemed like it, because Hakos was able to quite comfortably both beat me up and score the equalizer. Still two turns left, I was close to getting the go-ahead, but the first half ended 1-1.

Second half was a bash-fest, and the ball was stripped from both sides multiple times on multiple spots on the field. In the end, however, one of my ghouls got away with it, and although it was contested, he made the final dodge away in turn 16 to score just before extra time.

Well played Hakos, see you next season!

NUL Season 52 / Re: Playoffs!
Last post by atte1979 - June 03, 2024, 12:36:17 PM
The Orks go thru to'da finalz!!!

Da Gloomies started on'da offense but The Orks forced'em to score early in'da 'alf. Wid plenty o'time on'da clock The Orks managed to tie da game before 'alf time.

Da second 'alf started bad fo' The Orks as da Gloomies blitzed da ball on'da kick-off scoring a quick lead once again. Now The Orks started chargin' down'da pitch to equalize, but were forced to score da equalizer wid time left on'da clock as da Gloomies got in range to blitz da ball carrier on'da next turn.

Now da match waz tied an' az The Orks kickt da ball to da Gloomies, dey managed to blitz da ball an' grab it wid a chance to win da match before ova'time. Da Gloomies 'ad to turn back an' run fast to defend da tie, but Nuffle decided to inta'fere in'da form of an untied bootlace causin'a failed rush in'da kritical moment. The Orks den ran'da ball to'da en'zone just before da whissle blew da'end of'da match, makin' it 3-2 for The Orks.

In'a post-match inta'view wid da 'ead coach of The Orks 'e said: "Da team scored mor'goals dan casualties! Itz a weird feelin', some'ow un-natural. orcs're ment'to maim opponents, no'to score goals. Da 'hole world'z goin'down da crappa!".
NUL Season 52 / Re: Playoffs!
Last post by tags - June 02, 2024, 11:22:01 PM
All right! All teams joined, seems the schedule is set up correctly and the competition started (who did that? Thanks anyway :D).

So Hakos, how's your week looking? I can do most evenings this week, although I'd prefer to get a round of disc golf in when the weather allows. So my preference is CET 21 start, but I can make exceptions for sure.
NUL Season 52 / Playoffs!
Last post by tags - May 26, 2024, 04:29:19 PM
All right, the final rankings for NUL Season 52 are as follows:

Given our league structure, we will have semi-finals and and a final when we are 10+ teams, which we are for this season.

This means that the semi-final match-ups will be:
- The Unalived vs Dazzling Dudes
- Old Skool Orks vs Giggling Gloomstalkers

Competition has been created, called "Season 52 Playoffs" within the NUL League. Passowrd is 'nul'.
NUL Season 52 / Re: MD9
Last post by tags - May 26, 2024, 04:11:18 PM
Final match played, sorry about my tardiness in scheduling this.

There's not much to say, other than that this is one of the worst nufflings I've been on the fortunate side of.
NUL Season 52 / Re: MD9
Last post by Memofin - May 09, 2024, 10:32:21 AM
The game between the elves and the black orcs was fast-paced. The elves chose to defend first. As a result, the elves managed to steal the ball from the black orcs twice and end their defensive turn with a score of 2-0. The black orcs succeeded in knocking out some elves from the field, but this time the agility and speed of the elves were enough to score another 2 goals during their own attacking turn and finish the game with a score of 4-0.

The dice were completely in favor of the elves, and the game would surely have ended very differently if the dice had been even slightly more favorable to the black orcs as well.

Thank you for the game Jaiseri, it was a pleasure. Catch you later :)
NUL Season 52 / Re: MD9
Last post by atte1979 - May 08, 2024, 05:07:42 PM
Quote from: Mr B on May 08, 2024, 06:35:51 AMAtte, how about Monday?
20 to 21 cest starting time?
Is that something we can work with?
Else it has to be later next week.

Hey Mr B.

Monday @20.00 CEST sounds good to me, see you then.
NUL Season 52 / Re: MD9
Last post by Mr B - May 08, 2024, 06:35:51 AM
Atte, how about Monday?
20 to 21 cest starting time?
Is that something we can work with?
Else it has to be later next week.