Started by bodyschlompf, January 19, 2011, 08:35:14 PM

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NUL uses the coaches win% to break ties. (see this thread).

The tiebreaker is however only used to break ties when determining relegation  ( meaning drop down one division) and when determining which team grants an vacant spot in an division in the event an previously hibernating team re-enters the series.

No tiebreaker is used to determine "winners" and promotions, instead, whichever team is placed higher by the in-game application is given precedence.


Ok, I'll just go ahead and motivate this straight away.

The reason why I don't think we should use a tiebreaker for promotions and determine winner is:

1- The prize winnings: Let's say there is a tie between the 2nd and the 3rd team in the rankings, and the 3rd team should get precedence via the tiebreaker. No matter what, the runner-up price will be given to the 2nd team cause a commissioner has no power over this in the league-app. Effectively, there would be a system for promotion that doesn't  include winnings.

2- The Valhalla Cup Play Offs: No matter which tiebreaker we use, the teams qualified for playoffs is selected by the in-game league app and noone else. If there is a tie between two teams and only one of them can get a spot in the playoffs, the commissioner of the league has no way of controlling this.

Since we cannot control these things, i really can't see why we should go with the tiebreaker in this issue. It's pointless to define a tiebreaker when you can't set it into practice, right?