Started by bodyschlompf, January 20, 2011, 07:00:58 PM

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If a coach decides to take a break from the series, the team is automatically put in hibernation.

Hibernation means that the team name and it's ranking is recorded in the "Hibernating teams" list. Whenever the coach returns and wants to play the team again, the team will be seeded into the division that the team would have been seeded in if they never hibernated in the first place. This is however done in order of space: If there are no vacant spot in the division after promoted/relegated teams are seeded into their slots, the hibernated team is automatically relegated down one division. If there is no vacant spots there as well, the team is relegated once more and so forth.

In the event of two hibernating teams are to be seeded into the same division, but there is only one vacant spot, the coach with the highest win% wins the spot.

Before the hibernated team is accepted back into the series it is checked if it has played any more games: If the league-admin finds that the team has played any games outside of the series, the team will be denied re-entry.