Prematurely ended games (DC'ing included)

Started by bodyschlompf, January 20, 2011, 07:15:34 PM

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To abandon a game before all the turns in the match has been played is strictly forbidden. The exception to this rule is:
1- IRL emergencies.
2- The sudden appearance of game breaking bugs.

If these criteria has been met, or of the game end prematurely due to loss of connection, the coaches has two options:
1- Replay the game
2- Agree on a set score

If the coaches agree to replay the game they must contact a league admin immediately. If they agree on a set score, they need to contact a league admin and tell him what the score should be set to.

Important: In order to be valid, there must be consensus between the two coaches. Meaning that both coaches must agree which option to choose, and in the event of option 2: The score that should be set. If the coaches cannot reach consensus, the score that's defined by the in-game league client will stand.