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Started by bodyschlompf, January 17, 2011, 04:23:32 PM

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What is NUL?

NUL, short for Norsca Union League, is a Blood Bowl League that is played in the Blood Bowl 2 PC Client. This forum houses all the information, communication, match reports and discussion about the NUL. As the name Norsca implies, most of the players in the NUL are from Scandinavian countries (mostly from Sweden but there are or have been some Finns, Norwegians and Danes about too). HOWEVER, NUL doesn't discriminate, and players of all nationalities are welcomed, provided that they play fair and can play their matches "standard" CET gaming times (most of the games are played during week in the evening). So, if you want to join NUL, check out the sign up page of the newest upcoming season here:

We also have a Discord server, you can find the invite link from the newest sign up thread on this forum.

To encourage new teams and coaches NUL has moved into three season sets where the two first seasons are TV (Team Value) limited while the third is unlimited. Here are basic principles:
- You can only play with teams that have played ONLY in NUL sanctioned leagues or with new teams.
- We'll play in series of three seasons.
x In the 1/3 season the highest TV team that you can play is 1000 (totally new team).
x In the 2/3 season the highest TV team that you can play is 1500 (or the TV of the team with the highest TV from season 1/3 if that is higher than 1500).
x In the 3/3 season you can play any TV value teams.
- Allowances can be made to TV limits in cases of minor over-values. This is only however if ALL the coaches playing in the season agree to this. If anybody objects to a team with minor TV over-value, he/she can object either publicly or anonymously (with a PM to admin, that is either J-Reedy, Mr. B or Tags). If that is done, the team with over-value must lower it's TV or coach must choose another team.
- True TV is decided as follows:
x If you have 11 players or more in your team, your TV is that shown in the game with the exception that the value of the injured players is also calculated into TV. So if you have 11 players OK and 1 MNG (Miss Next Game) player with a value of 100K, and your TV (without the injured player) is shown as 1300, your actual TV is 1400 (because the injured player's value is taken into account). You can play the first match with the injured player in roster, but after the first match you must sack either the injured player or lower your TV some other way by the amount that your TV was over the limit with the injured player's value counted in. Example: Limit is 1200. You have 11 players OK, 1 MNG player with value of 50, and your TV without the injured player is 1180 (so your true TV 1230 - over the limit). You don't want sack any OK players to take the true TV down to 1200 because that would mean you'd have to hire a freebooter for the game. So you can play the first match but after that one you'll have to lower the TV value by 30.]
x If you have less than 11 players, your TV is that shown in the game + value of the additional linemen that will be freebooted into your team to take your player count to 11. So if you have 9 players OK and no other players, the basic cost of your linemen is 70K and your TV is shown as 1200, your true TV is 1340 (because the value of the 2 loner linemen that are automatically recruited into your team at the start of the match).
- You are only allowed to lower your TV by getting rid of rerolls, assistant coaches, cheerleaders and apothecary or by sacking players with SPP and replacing them with rookie players.

If you have any questions, you can ask away at the Sign Up page once you have registered to the forums. Here's a short overview of the rules of the league, the more detailed rules can be found on the Sign Up page:
- Games are aimed to be played with a rate of 1 game per week, standard week runs from Monday to Sunday.
- Intentional disconnections, foul language,  insulting other players or any similar behavior IS NOT allowed. Basically, don't be an ass even if the game is not going your way. Remember, this is just a game.
- Matches are played with 4 minute turns and standard incentives (wizard, apothecaries and such).
- If you sign up for the season, please finish the season even if you feel your team is done.

The founder of NUL is Bodyschlompf who is currently taking a vacation from NUL after succesfully guiding it through the early seasons. NUL is run by all of it's coaches together, but J-Reedy, Tags and Mr B. have been handed the admin rights for the league.

That's about it, putting it short & sweet. Check out the forum if you want some additional information. And if you want to make a run for the NUL championship - either with dazzling passing and running plays and agile ball handling or simply by outlasting and crippling your opponents - you're welcomed to try.


THIS IS THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT BEHIND NUL. Maybe some day we'll have enough teams and players to make this so. As of now, you can ignore this if you're not interested in the league history:

If the NUL ever expands enough, here's what we would like to try...

... housing national leagues under the same roof, only to be connected by a common Cup where the very best compete.
The national leagues runs parallel to each other and share the same size of divisions. Communication in the national leagues is done by it's respective languages and we encourage coaches to have team and player names in their native tongues.

NUL is using the rule set that is closest to the original TT game. Meaning 4min turns and wizards.

Who is running this?

NUL's current adminstration is:

Site Administrator - Admin, J-Reedy
Coordinator - Mr B
League administrators - The Golden Arrow
Santa's Little Helper - bodyschlompf, J-Reedy

The site administrator s the one that deals with technical issues with this site. The Coordinator is the head of the community: Responsible for seeding the seasons, writes the rules and is overall responsible for running the series. The League Administrators responsibilities is tied to the in-game league application: Validating games, forwarding match days but also starting match scheduling threads and posting the current standings in the table. Collectively, the Coordinator and the league admins are known as the board. Decisions about the series is discussed within the board first. Major issues are discussed with all members. If you want a spot in the board you should ask the Coordinator.

What's up with NUL right now?

NUL is currently experimenting with some so called "house features". The meaning of these are that the series is commencing in a imaginative town called "Cowpenhaven". This town is represented by a group of boards in the forum. In the town, you can found powerful characters that may influence your team. They might, for instance, decide to give you a sponsorship contract. Another important aspects is that characters also have power over the inducements in the game. This means that you are not allowed to use certain inducements unless a specific character gives you permission for it. This usually means paying someone for a service. These rules are not to be taken so seriously, in fact, we encourage cheating with these rules. The effect of cheating is that a player might be accused of using black magic, which have some nice "fluff" effect.

NUL is currently to small to house parallel national leagues and is there for a mixed international community. The members is predominately Swedish and an all Swedish league is likely to spawn first if NUL gets more coaches. On top of this, NUL is currently very interested in coaches from Denmark and Finland. This because we see a potential for national leagues for these nations as well.

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