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Here ye all! Here are listed THE CHAMPIONS of Norsca Union League! Those teams and coaches who were the most cunning, violent, intelligent and tactically talented of all! (Or it could be that they were simply the luckiest, but we're not judging here.)

The Champions of Season 1: The JUNGLE BOOGIE were the most talented and most boobiest team of them all! The champion amazon team was coached by KRIM NIELSEN!
Somebody must be the second best. This time they were the skaven Physicx coached by FlyingCircus.

The Champions of Season 2: The JUNGLE BOOGIE took the crown again! This gold-hunting amazon tribe was once again coached by KRIM NIELSEN!
Undead NattBowlarna coached by Bantha (Mr B) earned the title of runner-ups in addition to the title of grave-digged-ups.

The Champions of Season 3: The SILVER HUNTERS howled into victory! The necromantic talent present in this team was coached into championship by THE GOLDEN ARROW!
Third time in the finals was not a charm for the Jungle Boogie.

The Champions of Season 4: The NATTBOWLARNA earned their first title in their second final appearance! The victory was not due to change of the coaching staff, so the victorious coach was BANTHA (MR B)!
The charms of the amazon Cougar Kittens did not work on the undead and the Kittens Coach J-Reedy saw his team beaten to the ground in their first final appearance.

The Champions of Season 5: The DRUCHII SMUCHII SCHMOO proved the superioty of the dark-elf race! BARMUTION was the coach who took the dark ones from underground dungeons to the spotlight!
The green ones took home the silver as Orkitis B.C., coached by Luiggi gathered the second most points during the play-offles season.

The Champions of Season 6: The VIRGINS NO MORE decided to show that high-elfs are the true champions! THE GOLDEN ARROW became the first coach to earn a championship with two different teams!
Third time really doesn't seem to be the charm in NUL, as Bantha's (Mr B's) third appearance in the finals ended with his norse Dragon Trainers being sent home with their long-boats loaded with silver.

The Champions of Season 7: Hey, this hasn't been played yet! But the champs are not probably amazons, nor undead, lizard men, nurgle, vampires, halflings or ogres, as there are no representatives from these races. Unless of course some cunning rookie team and coach wins the title with some heavy "oiling" of league officials...
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This appears to need some updatin'! :D

Do we still have the ol' news ticker from the old forum, or do we have to go through the boards to find the winners?