NUL: Season 12 stat

Started by Mr B, August 11, 2013, 04:16:17 PM

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 ;D Barm, those psycho-halflings managed to claim 3 lives this season, well above average, not bad at all! Out of 7 deaths, you dealt 3 and received 2... interesting. I guess that's why you're bringing back the Material Ghouls: they got undersized reinforcements :P

In the passing department, I think this could be branded as the "Flying Midget Season", since the Top Throwers are Barm's Halflings (132 y.) and J'Reedy's Goblins (130 y.). Trolls + Treemen >>> Elf/skaven throwers. Disgraceful  ::)

Now for some touchdown stats:

5 TD conceded in 7 games for Underworld is also very impressive, that's great D-Fence!

The final match saw the best Offence (21 TD scored at the time) face the best Defence (2 TD conceded at the time) and I believe this got reflected in how tight the game was.

By the way...
Only 1 interception? And it was done by a dwarf? He must have intercepted a goblin or halfling, otherwise it makes no sense!


Hehe, at least there was a silver lining to this season  ;)

The Material Ghouls will be back with some new, minuscule cheerleaders, ready to take on the world. Or at least a very small part of it.
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