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Do teams get promoted from Ulls Pasture ?
If so how many ?

Cheers Mooonuel

Flying Circus

If I understood right the top 2 team change with the last 2 from the devision over. So Ulls should move to Group 2 in valhalla cup.



Sorry Moooo....

The structure for this comp is hidden in the old site... Can't remember everything. Anyways, here it is:

Base promotion/relegation is 2 as Flying circus said.
But this is only how it works in theory, since a lot of people are taking a break/staring over with new teams, there most probably will be a mayor shift. Structure may be different for next season, "Mr.B" has some plans...

Mr B

Hi there.
Yes I will follow this guide for the next season.

2Up 2Down, for next season (3) this will change (Not dramatical).
How it will change will depend upon the settings for running leagues.
So, this is still Open.


Mr B

Greeting NUL!

Hi guys this is how season two for NUL looks like at the moment!
Closing in on the start of season 2 some questions arise!
How will it look?
Where will I be?
When shall it start?
What do I need to do to join the fray?

So this is what it looks like at the moment.

If we get three more teams to join, the setup will change... just a i bit in Ulls.
Three more teams means two groups 6 team each in group Ull's also.
So, this description below explains what the colour for each coach means.

Green & Yellow colour means you have will fight for the season 2 winner award (honor!). Green vs Yellow and the winner vs winner for the Trophy.

Red means fighting in Ulls for season 3
Dark green in Ull means promotion to Valhalla!!
[All team names just explains in which group you start S2 in]

New teams during a season or after season 2, starts in Little NUL.
So after the kickoff new team enter Little NUL were you can grow for 7 games (more details if there will be a cap at tv 1500.)
If your current team get destroyed or you just feel more for the other team. it is then Ok to switch teams for a new season.

Adding picture how the transfer will be handled for season three.(To do)
Having worked with fumbbl's "Svenska ligan" for several seasons and that have worked well I intend to have the same structure here.
When we will be closing in on summer vacations etc, Vallhalla and Ulls will take a break.
A Summer tournament will be held for all the teams skipping vacations :D
The same will happen in X-mas time, holding a winter tournament with the same principles as for the summer tour.

Ok, this was just some heads up.

I just want to say a huge THANKS to for everything you have done with NUL and the way you handled Alvsvenskan!
Hat of for your effort, I know I will not be able to carry the Banner of NUL in the same manner.
Running and starting seasons and gathering new and old coaches will be my focus here.
I hope you'll like it!
Truly yours Mr B, aka Bantha.



Mr B

Promotion Pic updated.



Looks sweet! I'm all for it. Though be careful around summertime... One thought i have is that during the summer you maybe should run only Little NUL? That way you won't have the trouble with unplayed games during that period... Just a thought.