League set up, join Nul Camp Feeder

Started by J-Reedy, April 24, 2016, 08:40:50 AM

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OK folks, just changed the Camp Feeder to 10 league, 4 playoff teams format and kicked out those teams that won't be participating. So apply with your teams, password is the same old "campnul".

We'll kickoff sometime during next week as soon as Golden (or any other latecomer) gets his team signed up.

Couldn't resist the temptation to take part on some girl on girl action, so I chose Cougar Kittens. So there will be no boubt about the most anticipated match of the season, that'll be me vs Gnaarkill.


Getingarna have eagerly applied for this season after a long time out in the freeze box... /hakos



Smashy grabby throwy nomz has entered their application which is mostly intact and only barely covered in snot

Mr B


Coach Gnaarkills response to the controversial move of Coach J-R deciding to bring back his old Amazon team, the Couger Kittens:
"Wow J-R, a bold move indeed, sir!

After the Cougar Kittens abdication of the throne we have had the oppurtunity to reign supreme as Queens of Norsca. I see that you finally are willing to crawl out of your lair and challenge my mighty heroines. This will truly be the match of the centuries as our girls collide in epic fight for the ladies crown ;D

I wish you all the luck, you will need it, sir! 8)
Challange accepted!"

*out of character*
Oh, the pressure... im pissing my pants right now, haha! ;D

And to my question... do all teams have to apply for the league?



Quote from: Gnaarkill on April 25, 2016, 12:54:34 PM
And to my question... do all teams have to apply for the league?

Nice interview, Gnaarkill :)

Yep, all teams that didn't play in S22 have to apply for the league.


The Golden Arrow


So, how does it look? How many players are we and when do we start?


Looks like we're still waiting for Golden, in-game list shows 9/10 teams in.


Sent a reminder to TGA, hopefully we'll have this thing kicking and screaming onwards soon.

The Golden Arrow

Hi, I have had a hell of a week since I came back from my trip. Will sign up tonight just as soon as I install the game again...

The Golden Arrow

Signed up and started season :)

Decided to go with my high elves as a blast from the past. Have to do something fun for the last season after all!