S23 - Match Day 3

Started by J-Reedy, April 30, 2016, 09:29:29 PM

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Yo Snyto!
Sorry if im a little late. Booting up my comp right now!


Quote from: Gnaarkill on May 27, 2016, 07:56:35 PM
Yo Snyto!
Sorry if im a little late. Booting up my comp right now!

No worries, here waiting for ya


Seems Mar-Skin Tearer visited his cousin from the famous ogre  team (yes, you know which one I'm talking about) and got to borrow some performance enhacing drugs. And never has he played better.

He single handely caused all 3 CAS on the opposing team. He single handely got the ball loose from the khemri in turn 7 and thereby paved the way for an elflike pick-up, move, handover, move, gfi, gfi and then some more running to score the first goal for the humans, in the khemri attacking half.

In the second half, not much worked for the graveyard team. On the other hand, the humans started to play loosely, feeling that the match was won. But by using a two way attack they scored 2-0 in turn 11 or so and the match was in practice won. A failed Dodge to plug a hole meant a Blitz-ra could score a quickie. 2-1. But with 2 turns left, the humans huddled together and put Everything into a massive flanking attack. And succeeded very well indeed. So well that a two turner was scored.

Thus the match ended 3-1 to the humans.

And to study how good Mar-SKin Tearer was, check out this Picture from our reporter, showing what had happended by turn 5.

[hmm, how to add a Picture, when not possible to add a link from BBmanager?]

Thanks for the match Equi, better luck in the next. /hakos


Hear hear, the rejoicing in the gobbo camp is heard throughout the realms! At least their locker room, but it's the thought that counts. Main celebration took place because they actually managed to keep it together and score a few balls this time around.
We do suspect there's been some sabotaging of our little chainsaw but we will conduct a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of his so far sub-par performance. However, a bloody and entertaining match in the end finalized with a fair 2-2 score after some minor intervention from the judge that gave the fabulous greenskins an extra turn in the first half to score the first equalizer.
It looked hopeful for a while that they would be able to maintain their 2-1 lead but a controlled push by the ladies combined with too early celebrations causing a whole slew of chittering goblins to forget their armour in the locker room and being helped out there one by one by ladylike violence.

Thanks for the game Gnaar, enjoyed it a lot!

Mr B

Nice Day.

So, W-Elf vs the Chaos...
Was successfully wrapped up  to a 4-0 win, Wiz were involved as a pre opener.

I also viewed the other Big game... and I will wait to not spoil it... but I validated it as it went smooth.

I also set 1-1 in Golden vs J-R, as this was written how to solve the problem for Golden.

Meaning, I could also forward the Day.
Thanks for the game Lasse!
Tricky team to face as an elf, but cool designed.
I was a bit lucky that was all.



Hectic match, with quite a lot of violence, but few permanent marks on either team. Apos on both teams managed to save one dead to badly hurt, which is a good day for Old World Health Services.

Lizards started receiving, but failed about every 5/6 roll they attempted. Only by Nuffle's Mercy were we able to prevent the Ogres from putting one in the wrong way in our drive.

Second half was an entirely different story, where the lizards were suddenly able to take out greenskins left and right. Although a brilliant play saw a snotling flying in for the go-ahead point mid-round, the attrition rate of snotlings (and a couple of ogres) left the chemical enthusiasts unable to stop the squirming of the lizards for the equalizer.

Thanks for the match, exciting until the end, although a fair amount of frustration was suffered on both sides :D


Kvasi's report is spot on.

I think 1-1 was a very reasonable result all in all, but holy heck! was there some nailbiting and moments of aggravating frustration on both sides. If I am to die of a heart attack while playing BB I want it to be in a match like this ;D

Well played and gl further on, kvasi.
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