End of Season 1!

Started by bodyschlompf, February 23, 2011, 09:10:23 PM

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Season 1 is officially over! Congratulations...

Krim Nielsen

... for guiding your team "Jungle Boogie" to victory! Now to the rest of us, get that bastard!  :D

I'm sorry to say, but there are currently no awards to be asigned through this forum. There might be in the future, and those will be assigned retroactively if so.

As you most of you probably know, I will reign as Coordinator and take a break from BB. Been great having you guys around! New Coordinator for this series is Mr B. I wish you the best of luck for your task ahead, B! My new position in this series will be as "Santa's Little helper" and do some chores for the board on demand.

Now I suggest you all to stay tuned! Mr B will present the plan for the next season shortly ( I would guess in a weeks time or so).

Gigglygigglyiggly that's all folks!

Flying Circus

Gratzz Krim

and once again thanks to everybody making this season possible


GG to all!

looking forward to see what next season brings
and of course to defend the trophy 0)