Started by tags, May 05, 2021, 12:45:03 AM

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Congratulations Mr. B, coming back and winning three seasons in a row is no mean feat!


Well played, mr. B. You really shine in the most important matches. /Hakos


Congrats to Mr. B for the triple and cheers to Lars for putting up a good fight!

Somebody wondered if this would the first triple championship in NUL. That is not the case, as Luiggi took home the championship with his Skaven team RatDonald's thrice in a row in seasons 12 through 14. But still an extremely rare sight, congrats again to the Champ!

Mr B

Thanks Guys, I rarely won this in the past.
In the past I had quite good seasons but in final/semi all fell apart.

Brother B


I will also join the NUL-choir and give Mr.B a big Congratulations!
NUL's big champ! Good stuff, mate! ;D ;D

Also, a big up to the runner up Lars for a valiant effort. Luck stats seemed to be against you this time, but your Necros were really a killer team! Good job!