Shedule games

Started by The Golden Arrow, April 03, 2011, 05:20:56 PM

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The Golden Arrow

OK, guys it's really time to get this thing rolling. So, people shedule game and tell when they're avaible here.

I can play monday, tuesday and wednesday night and sunday. Someone want to take up the challenge?

Mr B

Agree totally.

In order to avoid to have no other option but to join with rookie teams please help us to schedule games for Little NUL.
Otherwise you can only challenge players who are online at the same time as YOU.

So, hunt new coaches to bring in more players and schedule games so we can get Little running smooth.

Wednesdays (evenings) is more or less unscheduled for me so there is an opening for playing games.
And for new members, it is free to join Little NUL at anytime, play when ever you can....


The Golden Arrow

OK, lets play this wednesday then. I'll bring my awesome Khemri team ;)

And, all you guys, I'll avaible for most of next two weeks give me a heads up and I can hopefully get a game in.