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Quote from: tags on November 25, 2021, 10:57:04 PM
Thanks for the game!

It's true that the first couple of turns really went in my favour. But I already felt like I was losing the game while I was scoring my first touchdown in the first drive, and I had a centaur and a guard/mb dwarf in the dugout. Lo and behold, it went downhill even faster than I expected in the last part of the first half. Come second half, it was obvious that I had nothing at all to fight with.

Well, the master chef did his job for sure, you had no re-rolls the entire match, but I think it only really burned you once in the first half.

Either way, well played, and good luck in the finals!
Yes it changed but that turn when you lost the Bull and the dwarf it more or less meant you could not stall.
Opening for a draw first half.
And then with the momentum keep it and secure the game.
Those ag4 gobbs and 6 rerolls meant lot could be achieved.
But I understand the way it unfolded.
Apo burned and securing the last ag4 with a foul (red card) might prove good next season then.
But let's see.. one big game coming up now.
See how much I will have left for the next season.
GG cheers

Well, losing the bull and a guard/mb dwarf, I still thought I could go on (although the sinking feeling was definitely there). But keep in mind that this was just the first drive. By the end of the first half, I had lost one more dwarf and one more hobbo, which meant I fielded only 9 players against your full-strengthed 11 at the start of the second half. To be honest, the only sensible thing I could hope for was some lucky removals, so maximizing my strength and fouling did make sense from that perspective. My team could not hope to stop yours from running it in being understrengthed and undermanned. As it happened, the foul failed and the player was thrown off the pitch, followed by more removals going the wrong way (from my perspective). I hardly think trying desperate moves and dividing my strength across the field had more hopeful outcomes at that point. It may have made a more entertaining second half though, but most likely more disastrous for me :P

But given that the gambit failed, I was relieved to at least have retained one of my two AG players for the next match, to be sure.


And we are there. The Flowers have been picked and the lizards have been probed. Now its time to experiment on some burly men.

Mr B

Then S-man when can we do this?
Thursday now or next week will work for me as of now.
21 is a good time Scandinavian time.


Ye thursday works for me


What a game blood touchdowns and resurections all the fun things you want in a game of blood bowl.
GG B man lets see what the next season brings :)


Congratulations Saitani!


Congrats to the champs!


What a game.

17 Badly hurts
56 SPP awarded
62 SPP lost due to the untimely Death of Mothman

And a new champion in NUL

Congratulations Saitani. Seems you had to fight quite hard for this one



Seems like a worthy final!

And finally someone dethroned the Behemoth of a Blood Bowl player, Mighty Mr.B, The four time champ! ;D

Congratulations Saitani, well deserved!


Mr B

Quote from: Gnaarkill on December 06, 2021, 10:56:18 PM
Seems like a worthy final!

And finally someone dethroned the Behemoth of a Blood Bowl player, Mighty Mr.B, The four time champ! ;D

Congratulations Saitani, well deserved!

Hehe.. thanks and congrats Saitani.
It was a really nice game.
He brought a wiz and a chainsaw and a bribe..
I started and lined up for a nice neck wrecker.
But perfect defense changed that.
My new claw mb best. Was not effective at all.
He was BH by mummy turn 2.. I sent it apo .
Fixed him up..
I moved slow covering up for wiz.
Did not removed that many..
Chainsaw came in and stunned my elit runner.. next turn the chainsaw foul came. But ref said no no. Purse came up.. he still said no.
Runner was kod. I think.
This was on my left flank. So I moved to the right.
Pushed and there was a risk for fire.. and fire came.
Knocking my keeper.
Dodges worked.. pickup worked.. long throw aimed..
5+5 pass and catch done 1-1.. at this stage Undead was running low in number and so did norse.
But 1-0.. still some turns to get one back.
It started good.. but defense was also good.
Last turn rr left and som push and pickup was needed.
Started with double skull.. rr. Continue.. push for opening ball.. another double skull.  1-0 ended first half.

Second it was Undead run and since was removed and a nice play Made the 2-0.. and now it was really hard to see how to get this back.
I tried and removed many but it was not enough.
In the end we removed quite a lot on both sides.
It was a fun game anyhow

Congrats again!