Started by J-Reedy, May 04, 2022, 08:51:08 AM

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Final Match of season 46 was played and it was a tight one both teams loaded themself full of inducements the humans an extra apo and a bribe, the Norse choose the same but they also added a babe for some nice recovery. The humans started with the ball in the first drive and managed to KO 2 from the LOS. The Norse however started just as good by shoving the humans of field and KO and injuries. The aggressive Play by the Norse forced the humans to score quite early in the first half leaving 3 rounds for Norse to score on. After the scoring the humans were extremely lucky and manage to get all the KO:ed players back. With 3 rounds left to score on the Norse setup for a hard push on one side but some bad pickup rolls allowed for the humans to stall the momentum and won the first half with 1-0.

Second half started mostly like the first ended but with on exception they managed to pick the ball up. The humans pressed hard and had several threats near and around the ball handler. When the ball handler was 2 squares from scoring the human managed to block him so that he fell over and dropped the ball over the sideline. The ball scattered to the other side of the pitch where there was less Norsemen, but a failed attempt to pick up the ball by the human ball carrier allowed for the Norse to swarm the ball and in the end score a equalizer. The human team had 3 round sto try to score a winning goal to avoid the sudden death/golden goal situation. They managed quite well in their effort but fell one round short to be able to score. Before kick off in the sudden death the coin toss was son by the human that choose to receive the kick. As usual they started with 2 removals  and they could start the march forward in a steady pace. surrounded on both sides of Norse a greed block and a double skull into a double skull almost made the humans loose the ball but in the end the managed to salvage the situation and score a winning goal.

Thanks for the match Tag was a fun one where both teams could mostly walk off the pitch with the knowledge that the teams will go on for yet another season. If the come back after KO rolls after the first goal would have turned out differently the match would have been a tough one for me but with some help of good rolls in the right moments i managed to come out on top. Next time the outcome might be completely different between these to Teams. Once again Thanks for the match and cya next season over and out...


Mr B

Congrats Larz!
Overtime again. :)


Congratulations Lars!


Ah, a final just as a final should be. Lots of violence, extra turns and golden goals to settle it all between even teams.

Well done, and congratulations Lars. It feels a bit better to lose to you in the semi-final now. :)



Congratulations Lars, it was a fun and exciting final match!


Thanks for the congratulations and lets rock even harder next season .


Sounded like a match worthy of a final indeed!

All hail champ Lars, CONGRATULATIONS!

Big up, for runner up, Tags!

New season, new opportunities, LET'S F***N GO! :)