Match Day 3

Started by J-Reedy, May 28, 2022, 11:12:03 AM

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An exciting match was played between the chaotic small'uns and the drunken big'uns. Although the biggest brutes were arguably on the small guys' side.

Serfs won the toss and chose to receive. After cleaning up the line of scrimmage and powering through, they chose to stall for the touchdown as there seemed like not much could go wrong. But a jump-up berserker did perhaps have slightly more movement than anticipated, and was able to touch base with the lone hobbo carrier. Still, no worries, just needed a 2D block with RR to break free. Turns out, not having block can be an issue. BD/BD re-rolled to BD/BD resulted in the carrier going down and a turnover. NFT were able to run to relative safety with the ball, concluding the first half in a somewhat surprising 0-0.

Second half starts, and SPMS makes a legendary kick, landing directly on the line of scrimmage. Since the serfs have so much muscle with mino, st5 bull and normal bull plus a bunch of guards, the norse did not even attempt to contest it. A series of amazing block dice made it possible for NFT to actually retrieve the ball and score, something which couldn't have happened without the help of Nuffle. Although Nuffle probably placed that kick there in the first place :P

With only three turns to go, SPMS needed to scrape togheter a lot of skill and a bit of luck to stand a chance, and they did both, with a bull centaur scoring a dramatic touchdown in the last round.

Thanks for the match J-R!


Final game of the day is done. Not much to report. Bretonnians had the better dice. Seemed like nothing could fail, whhile the Ogres did the best they could to fail everything. 3-0 to the knights.

Thanks for the game Bantha. If I were you I would have be banging my head into the wall by now. Those dices were ugly.