Match Day 7

Started by J-Reedy, January 28, 2023, 03:35:23 PM

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Last game of the regular season is played. And as normal when Lonely Lovers play it ended in a draw. 1-1.

But that does not matter, the real battle was to see who stinks the most. Lonely Lovers had put on their very best eau de rotten and easily won. Technically the rats were on offense but the first thing they did was to retreat deep into their own half when they felt the smell. Not easy being a rat with well developed noses...

The rats had a very cunning plan to avoid the smell, though. Avoid close contact, and even if they failed, avoid being hit, which they did amazingly well. And then just run by the Nurgle defense. Which was also executed flawlessly. 1-0 to the rats in turn 4.

The defense was equally well executed and the Nurgle were not even close to equalize in the first half.

Second half the Nurgle there on the offense and this time they played very safe. Getting the ball into a cage, then slowly moving the cage forward. The rats tried a couple of different tricks, like -2D blocks to get into the cage but it did not help. Soon they turned into a classical column defense. The game was slowed down so much that spectators started to leave the arena.

In the end the ball carriying Pestigor was within striking distance. That is, 8 squares, but both GFI actually worked. 1-1 in turn 16.

The rats tried for a 1-tuner and got the gutter runner within striking distance but failed to pick-up the ball thanks to a well timed blitz from the Nurgle who managed to mark both the ball and the thrower.

All in all, a very close and even game. A 1-1 result may not seem that exciting but the match was thrilling with a lot of tactical positioning. Thanks a lot Gnaarkill and see you on GothCon and in next season.