Match Day 6

Started by J-Reedy, May 13, 2023, 11:52:12 AM

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What do you get if nice cooking smells blends with nasty nurgle rotten stench?

A revolting mix of greasy, slippery, slime that makes everything fail.

Fail as in falling down like tripping on a rotten banana.

Fail as in a ball behaving like a lubricated eel.

Fail as in no armor breaks (almost).

Fail as in forgettting what throws actually means.

Fail as in Nurgle being on offence when on defence and Halflings on offence when on defence.

Fail as in trees taking root way too early.

I guess a fail game has some charms as well, at least the audience had fun watching two teams that looked like they were drunk go at it.

Thanks for the game J-Reedy. I'm surprised my luck was worse than yours. Must have been a record with all those ball bounces...



Oops, think we forgot to post a report for our game. But it was played almost two weeks ago!

Unfortunately, the exact details of the match escape me at the moment, but I vaguely remember it being a good and exciting game until the end... I think :D


Last game for the day between elves and amazons was a draw, where no permanent injuries were made.
I'm stuck at work, so will post stats and all else later when I have time :)