Match Day 2

Started by J-Reedy, May 13, 2023, 11:54:53 AM

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These are the teams:
Bitter Stink Stars - Gnaarkill
Horns'n Hooves - Mr. B
Kings of Old - Saitani
Lonely Lovers - Hakos
The Flying Discmen - tags
The Lunar Strikers - Memofin
Women of Metall - Lars
Woodyelfy Wannabees - J-Reedy

Mr B

Hello Tags. Time to fly :)
See if my horns can assist you.

When are you available 20-21 cet is a normally approved time to start.

Brother B


Gnaar-man! You faced the Elfies on the 1st round, are you ready to face the improved version of them with more trees, more girth, more chicken legs, more casualty susceptibility and simply more umph?! Wannebees would wanna be ready to play on the following CEST starting times:
- Tuesday 18-20
- Thursday 18-20
- Friday 20.30-late
- Sunday any time before 19.

Let me know if any of those suits you, sir! Saturday evening will also be OK if needed, but not sure when I'll get home (should be around 20 at the latest).


Quote from: Mr B on May 22, 2023, 11:51:25 AMHello Tags. Time to fly :)
See if my horns can assist you.

When are you available 20-21 cet is a normally approved time to start.

Brother B

B-Man! I think Tuesday (tomorrow) 21 start would be great for me. Can probably do 21 most weeknights


Saitani, my elfs mangled by you are back up, just for you to but them back down again! xD

My week is super busy, I could play tomorrow at 19.00 cet and after that it would go all away to next monday 29.5.
Next week I could play monday- friday starting at 19.00.


Well im looking forward to knocking them bak down but it has to wait for next wee. so shall we say monday at 19.00?


Monday sounds good. See ya then! 🙂💪

Mr B

MD2, Day1.
Taken from the book, The Wonders of the Hooves.
By Kernal Rage, from the Chapter of Blood in the Bowl.

I do not care what your names are!
Saliva flew out from the mouth as he was spitting.
Red angry eyes stared at the two rookies!
You are Fur Alle and you are to be named Potato Bro!
That is Final, on wards with you!

Coach, that´s poor names, more human, I do NOT like´m.
Kongwar dripped his saliva on the ground towering above the coach, who stood firm.

The game came, and we strengthen our players.
We needed to grow in numbers, as we are not ordinary chaos.
We represent the spine of the chaos breed.
Only Horn growers are welcomed.

We faced the chaos infected humans, with frog legs.
With the two new recruits, we were even in strength.

The Froggy chaos started, got the ball out of the heavyrain.
The wet fur smell awful out there.
First turn was more about pushing the filth out.
The true beast launched one attack, dropped the kid but nothing more.
Lyly took his nails like, nine inch metal spikes, he drag them in his fur, it felt nice in the heavy rain.
He roars, at nothing and at everything.

Sockibot the frog legged giant, went on charged in and wounded Potato bro badly, his energy motivated Hivju and he knocked the guts out of Fur Alle.
So much for the rookies.
The game went on, stalling was fruitless but we relay on chaos.
The blitz came, Sockibot, whoelse, flew in, powered by the legs opend up and in rushed the little frogs.
Setting up in nice manner, the intention was clear, scooring time!

With 2 less on the board, we have to start challenge it, moved up and close to the many, brought down the str4 frog.
But, the super human Jonathan tripped in and delivered a pass, above us all.
Right down in the hands of the happy Öjvind, grabbed it like it was glued.
In the heavy rain, please mind and 1-0 it was.

Setting up for the return, pushed around a bit.
Defence went solid.
Kongwar just roared at everyting, totally not in the game.
Kongwar tried again but still those names, Raaaaaaaaaa, saliva flew out from his mouth.
Which was terrible but in the rain, it went more or less Meeh, for the frogs.
And then time was out, some last effort this was a long long shot.
Kongwar came to his sense and killed a frog, just like that.
Apo waved desperat his white flag, but coach frog just made a firm move with his hand, SIT DOWN!

1-0 eneded first half.

Second started 11-11 of players.
the feeling was, trouble, but we are Chaos.
Lets care less, now we run with the ball.
Kongwar still just kept roaring in the mid center.
And continued next round also.
Opening up ment showing my neck waiting for the bite just to take down the head.
But it paied off, and ending up with Sockibot hunting the ball but tripping and all focus not tripping a double skull and an elbow flew up in the face and out he went.
After that some more was removed and the pitch was in favor for the true chaos team, settling 1-1 in the end.

Tight game, this was really the calm and the chaos.
You were owning first half and then some bad moments turned it around.

thanks for the game mate!


@Mr B: Really good report, keep e'm coming

Nurgle vs Amazon played and the result is exactly the same as in the first match between these two teams. i.e. 1-1

First half the amazon attacked and eventually scored 1-0 after a skillfull game finding holes where I thought there were no holes.

Second half the damages came in the amazon team which made it fairly easy to score 1-1 with 4 turns left.

Amazons were heavily outnumbered but still tried a nice offense. This time the Nurgle could get the ball loose but never managed to get it under control until time was out.

I was surprised when I saw the luck analyzer. I thought it was fairly even when playing but seeing these dices I can only congratule Lazer for really skillful playing and managing all those bad dices in such a way that I did not notice how bad they were. Well played.



Gnaar-man, seems life has kept you busy. Here are my OK CEST start times for this shiny, brand new week:

- Tuesday 18-20.30
- Thursday 18-20
- Saturday 10-late
- Sunday 10-18

Let me know if any of those suit you, sir!


Quote from: J-Reedy on Yesterday at 08:35:14 AMGnaar-man, seems life has kept you busy. Here are my OK CEST start times for this shiny, brand new week:

- Tuesday 18-20.30
- Thursday 18-20
- Saturday 10-late
- Sunday 10-18

Let me know if any of those suit you, sir!

Yes, busy indeed, buddy!
Sorry for that. I have been to the capital city with our pro-wrestling promotion.

I am on vacation from thursday onwards.
So 18 on thursday is perfect :)



The Kings once again show the Strikers who the the champs are with a n horrendus show of violence in the first turns forcing the strikers to do a far to early td. The kings followed up with a classic 2-1 grind leaving the most of the strikers in the injury and KO box.
GG Memofin sadly this game was a bit one sided with my early removasl of several key pieces. I wish you goodluck in the rest of the season.