Started by tags, August 27, 2023, 06:25:45 PM

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For the finals of season 50, we have

Kings of Old vs Lonely Lovers

Season 50 Finals competition has been created in-game, please join up so we can get this season settled!



Congratulations to Saitani and the Kings of Old. Worthy winners of Season 50.

They were constantly outnumbered and outstrengthed but never gave up and always found an innovative way to score. For example by throwing the ball over the entire field, via the audience, to be able to score the winning goal.

It was a very wild game where players left the field almost every turn. A fast paced game, with lots of movement and not a single cage to be seen.

I think the luck stats say it all for me. I could do all I wanted except GFI when I was within scoring range. Twice I got double 1 and failed to score. But on the other hand I was very lucky to reach those scoring possibilities so it does not hurt that much.

Fun fact: Two of the players from the old kings decided to join the nurgle team after the game.



Congratulations Saitani!