And we have a champion...

Started by The Golden Arrow, September 04, 2011, 09:58:11 PM

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The Golden Arrow

After a hard though game the end result of the finals were 1-0. It was a game that had it all (except lots of touch downs of course...), with a well played defense by both teams and lots of injuries (especially amason girls...). In the end the game went out of proportion with three amasons hurt in the same turn and an interception by the hired star player neckbreckerek for the silver hunters.

In the end, with a touch down almost on the final turn of the game, the silver hunters snatched the trophy from the limber hands of the amasons and walked out to hear the roar (or scratchy hissing sounds) of the crowd. This means that we have a new champion in this, the third installement of this great league.

A lot of thanks to mr B for doing a great job with this league and "giving" me his spot in the finals.

The season four Valhalla Cup Champion is The Silver Hunters coached by a certain guy called The Golden Arrow!


Mr B


You'r still sure you'r going to change team????  8) :o

The Golden Arrow

Yep, better to end when things are good :)

Also it seems kinda fitting to change teams when I've finally achieved what I set out to with this one.


congratz to the champions also from the Kittens!


Great job both - now revenge in the next season :)
// Rotty; in-game Ratstick




Hail to the King of season 4, may his reign be prosperous!
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