Season 38 - TV Limited Season

Started by J-Reedy, March 14, 2020, 05:27:05 PM

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Season 37 is wrapping up, so it's time for another new season!

This season (38) is the second season of the set of 3, meaning that the highest TV team from the end of season 37 will set the ceiling for which TV is allowed in season 38. Before the S37 Finals, the highest TV is 1440-1460 (Kvasilad's Necros have an spp roll to make). You are free to use any team that has only competed in NUL before and falls below that TV. You can of course enter a fresh team if you wish.

Next season (39) will be unlimited TV.

I will try to get my Amazons to finals again, even though they will probly just end up being killed.
Official Stuff

1. Read the introductory thread with the explanation on league structure HERE.
2: Create an account on this forum. Note that due to high activity from spam-bots, admins have to approve your account before you can post here. This shouldn't take longer than a day or two.
3: Post a reply in this thread that you want to join.
4: Read the "Essential rules" section HERE and post a reply in that thread that you have understood the rules.
5: The admin team will add you on the participant list in this post.

OLD Coaches know the drill, just tell what team you'll be taking to the trophy hunt.

1. Lars - Music in the Bones (Khemri)
2. J-Reedy - MPDG Fever (Amazon)
3. kvasilad - The Candidates (Necromantic)
4. Saitani - Le petit morte (Bretonnian)
5. hakos - Good Game Gauls (Lizardmen)
6. Gnaarkill - Butcher's Bay Pirates (Goblins)
7. NapoleonBlown-apart - Noob Elves (Elven Union)
8. (dummy team)


Will keep on going with the Music in the bones team



Definitely back in with The Candidates, the luckiest bastards shall return for another season :)


Will join with GGG, need to both learn and see if the Kroxigor makes a difference /hakos


well with my chorfs acidently deleted. im continuing with my bretts.


Shame about the chorf team, but I have to admit I'm not disappointed that this season won't get even bashier than the last :)

In a rush of optimism, I created the 8-team Season 38 competition already, I hope everyone's still in.


Undeads really are boring, ugh... I dont want to be bored when I play.

The Pirates from Butcher's Bay return! Time for the goblin madness again! ;D ;D

And for the last season I will probably bring out my favourites, the Nurgles 8)



Ooh, The Butcher's Bay Pirates sail again, great stuff!

I kinda wanted to create a Nurgle team myself called 'The Disease Vectors', as it is kinda apropos of these times we live in. But I'm enjoying my Necromantic team way too much! I also found Undead boring last time (and the only time) I tried them... for me, it seems like the necro wolves are what really adds the spice to the mix!


I'll join with the Noob Elves again.


Great stuff, then we'll get Season 38 started as soon as everyone's joined!

So far we have Butcher's Bay Pirates, Le petit morte and The Candidates. I'll get in touch with Barmution to get the Bums back for another lackluster season.


will make sure to join later tonight




Gauls are in, sorry for the delay, lots to do at work. /hakos


No worries, that means we're off! Competition started!