Season 6

Started by J-Reedy, February 05, 2023, 04:17:33 PM

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Season 6 ran from start of March 2012 to 2012.

The league continued with 8 team championship series that was divided into two divisions.

Division 1, nicknamed "Sharks", had the following participants:
Bantha (Mr. B) – Dragon Trainers (Norse)
Kvasilad - Disorganized Dudes (Chaos)
staffan - Midget stuntmen (Dwarf)
The_Golden_Arrow - Virgins No More (High Elf)

While Division 2, nicknamed "Tunas", had the following:
Barmution - Druchii Smuchii Schmoo (Dark Elf)
Gnaarkill - Vinterlegionen (Norse)
J-Reedy – Elvish Blues Bloods (High Elf)
Luiggi - Orkitis B.C. (Orc)

With three Elf teams out of eight, this may just be one of the elfiest seasons in NUL history. After short 3 intra-division games the Tunas and the Sharks started playoffs with the winners of the two divisions going against the bottom team of the other and so forth. This produced following playoff pairings:
Luiggi with Orkitis B.C. vs Staffan with Midget Stuntmen
Bantha with Dragon Trainers vs J-Reedy with Elvish Blues Bloods
Kvasilad with Disorganized Dudes vs Gnaarkill with Vinterlegionen
The_Golden_Arrow with Virgins No More vs Barmution with Druchii Smuchii Schmoo

Bantha with Dragon Trainers vs Luiggi with Orkitis B.C.
The_Golden_Arrow with Virgins No More vs Kvasilad with Disorganized Dudes

The_Golden_Arrow with Virgins No More vs Bantha with Dragon Trainers

Thus season 6 saw the league's first not back-to-back repeat champion with The_Golden_Arrow adding season six trophy alongside his season three trophy by taking the gold with his High Elf Virgins No More!