Started by J-Reedy, March 26, 2023, 01:13:09 PM

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Time for the final of the Season 49! Two teams stand at the top, so it's time to see which one will be crowned the champion. Coaches and teams in competetion are:
Memofin with the Elven Union team The Lunar Strikers
Saitani with the Norse team Kings of old.

Big hand to both of the coaches for smashing the opposition!

Memofin and Saitani, the Finals league has been created in game. Just head in and let me or Tags or mr. B know when you're both in and we'll start the competition!


Congratulations and good luck to both finalists!


Congratulations to both finalists.

I managed to draw against all competitors, except you. You are the only two teams who managed to beat me. Well played, worthy finalists.



Well that was a game. Early removals made the game an uphill battle for the Strikers. Also me getting 3 blitzes! did not help Memofin either. sorry for the really bad dicing. lets hope the next season goes just as well as this one but with better dice in the end :P
Il see you in season 51!


Ouch, pity with such a nuffling in the finals, but them's the breaks.

Congratulations on the Season 49 title Saitani!

Mr B


Wow, I was fearing that those MNGs I caused to Norse on last match day would decide the match but it looks like Nuffle decided to even out that inch of a bad nuffling with a mile of good nuffling. But that doesn't take away anything from the victory, well deserved for sure, Saitani. Congrats!

And better luck in the next one for Memofin, looking at those move stats Elfs must've been very un-Elf-like.


That was a well deserved win for Saitani, well played mate.  <3

Granted, I didn't know if I should laugh or cry with my dice in that game. Let see if that kind of luck changes in next season :)