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Schedule / Play Offs - Semifinals
May 11, 2014, 11:03:31 PM
OK, the regular season is over and it's time for play offs. I'm sure J-Reedy has some nice fluff text to write so I will just put the matches up and say good luck to everyone (especially me :)).

Spawning Brothers vs Lords of Sith
Unbreakable Panzer Squad vs ColaChaos
Sign Up! / Season 15 Sign Up - The newbie season!
February 01, 2014, 10:24:05 AM
Hi everyone, I think it's high time to start the sign up for Season 15. We only have the rest of this week and play offs left so the new league will start sometime mid February (sign up in the client should start about the 10:th of Februari).

Official Stuff
- This season is for new (or relatively new) teams so there will be a TV limit of 1200.
- Only new teams or teams that have been played in previous NUL-leagues.
- League will be played with normal 1 match week per 1 real-time week pace.
- As last season, we'll be enforcing the rule that if you don't show up to play a game on agreed time AND you don't tell about your absense at least an hour before the match in the forum, you'll forfeit the game with an 2-0 admin loss to your opponent who is waiting for you.
- ALL NEW COACHES ARE WELCOME! This is your chance of glory with everyone on an even start!

1. Read the introductory thread with the explanation on league structure HERE.
2: Create an account on this forum. Note that due to high activity from spam-bots, admins have to approve your account before you can post here. This shouldn't take longer than a day or two.
3: Post a reply in this thread that you want to join.
4: Read the "Essential rules" section HERE and post a reply in that thread that you have understood the rules.
5: The admin team will add you on the participant list in this post.

OLD Coaches now the drill, just tell what team you'll be taking to the trophy hunt.


I will join with a brand new Lizardmen team, since they are seriously underplayed in this league (can't remember a single LM team).

Sign Ups:
1. The Golden Arrow - ... (Lizardmen)
2. Equilibri - Da Freebooterz (Orcs)
3. Kvasilad - New Orc Gitz (Orcs)
4. Lars - Dendrology on BB fields (woodmilf)
5. Hakos - New Team
6. Mr B - Game of the Blood throne (Khorne)
7. Luiggi - ... (Chaos)
8. J-Reedy - international team of mystery to be named later (Norse)
9. Barmution - death wishers or some other name suitable name for... (Pro Elfs)
10. Gnarkill - New Team
11. Muller71 - Zlluga Boyz (Goblins)
12. Gurgeh - Wolf Hall (Necro)
Schedule / Match Day 9 - Matches
October 21, 2012, 02:18:01 PM
Good work guys, time for last week of the regular round. The match ups are as follows:

Update by J-Reedy: The week 8 recap is now ready. Also, the S9 thread has been opened, tell us your thoughts.
NUL Season 8 / Chaos edition
October 08, 2012, 10:35:26 AM
OK so chaos edition comes out this week. What do you guys think about it? I am about hesitant about the new khorne team but we'll see I guess. Have any of you guys seen the rules for them? Chaos dwarves and underworld are great additions though and fun teams.

The main thing we need to discuss is of course how to incorporate this into the league and when to do this.

Lets hope they fix some of three bugs as well, but I'm not too optimistic...
Matches / Play offs - Quarter Finals
March 22, 2012, 10:56:27 PM
Its finally time for the glorious play offs, where our mighty teams will get just one chance to show what they're made of... May the best coach win!

Matches / NUL Match Day 1 - Matches
March 04, 2012, 12:34:47 PM
So, its finally time to start the NUL Feeder camp! We are one week late due to problems with the client (it sucks...), but fear not, there will be plenty of heads bashed in this week to make up for it.

In the Shark division my poor little high elves try to surive getting eaten by the other three sharks. Task one, survive a well developed dwarf team...

In the other game the mighty but disorganised chaos team face off against the norse who have the fighting skills to eat the other sharks, but with their low armour might fall prey to a few bites themselves.

In the Tuna division thetwo new teams will battle it out with norse against a beautiful, graceful, skillfull... ehm high elf team.

The other game features lasts seasons winners, who I will just call big Tunas against their fiercest opposisions, green tunas. This looks like it will be an interesting one.

So lets kick this off :)

NUL Season 4! / Season 4 Match 5 Ull's Pasture
October 20, 2011, 09:55:43 AM
OK, since it seems like it might take some time until Mooonuel is back we'll move on with the league. Here are the pairings for the last round of the regular season:
NUL Season 4! / Season 4 Match 4 Ull's Pasture
October 13, 2011, 07:09:54 PM
Here are the match ups for day four. Try to finish the games as soon as possible as we are a bit behind shedule (if you can't play earlier count the match week as one week from now).

NUL Season 4! / Season 4 Match 3 Ull's Pasture
October 04, 2011, 09:41:51 PM
Here are the week three match ups, go go:

NUL Season 4! / Season 4 Match 1 Valhalla Cup
September 11, 2011, 08:56:43 PM
The new season of the famous Valhalla Cup is ready to begin, the fans are trembling in the stands and this season promises to be another action packed spectacle worthy of the gods of Valhalla. Can the two time winners Jungle Boogie get back to their game after the close loss of the finals last season and who will compete with them this season as last seasons winners The Silver Hunters seems to be gone.

Match ups are here temporarily, until Mr.B fix the new forum for season 4. The match week is 2 weeks this match day, but play as fast as you can and we will be able to get next week going faster.

NUL Season 4! / Season 4 Match 1 Ull's Pasture
September 11, 2011, 08:52:54 PM
OK, time for yet another glorious season of blood bowl. There are several new teams this year fighting for a place in the blood bowl legends. Play well and you will gain glory, play well and you might still have a tomorrow...

Match ups are here temporarily, until Mr.B fix the new forum for season 4. The match week is 2 weeks this match day, but play as fast as you can and we will be able to get next week going faster.

NUL Season 3! / And we have a champion...
September 04, 2011, 09:58:11 PM
After a hard though game the end result of the finals were 1-0. It was a game that had it all (except lots of touch downs of course...), with a well played defense by both teams and lots of injuries (especially amason girls...). In the end the game went out of proportion with three amasons hurt in the same turn and an interception by the hired star player neckbreckerek for the silver hunters.

In the end, with a touch down almost on the final turn of the game, the silver hunters snatched the trophy from the limber hands of the amasons and walked out to hear the roar (or scratchy hissing sounds) of the crowd. This means that we have a new champion in this, the third installement of this great league.

A lot of thanks to mr B for doing a great job with this league and "giving" me his spot in the finals.

The season four Valhalla Cup Champion is The Silver Hunters coached by a certain guy called The Golden Arrow!
Matches / The Play Off
August 22, 2011, 11:01:49 PM
OK so it's time for the semifinals. In one of the games we have the previous two years winners Jungle_Boogie against the upstart amason team Cougar Kittens. Will the veterans win this girl fight or will the upstart do what we all though would never happen, knock the Jungle_Boogie out of the play offs?

In the other game we have last years runner ups Nattbowlarna against the necromancers known as The Silver Hunters. These teams met last game of the regular season and the undead won it pretty easily. Can the necros come back or will they be bashed into the ground on the juggernaughts way to the blood bowl.

Stay tuned!
Matches / Valhalla Cup Match 9
July 14, 2011, 10:01:36 AM
OK, you can shedule your games for MD 9 here. I don't have access to the game right now so if someone else could copy in the match ups that would be great :)

EDIT: Thanks :)
Matches / Valhalla Cup Match 7
June 28, 2011, 04:48:11 PM
Here are the pairings for round 7, enjoy...

Matches / Valhalla Cup Match 6
June 19, 2011, 03:25:29 PM
Week 6 is up and running, just two games left till the semis so bring your best game :)

Matches / Valhalla Cup Match 5
June 13, 2011, 06:25:19 PM
New match day is up and running, playtime is until sunday 19:th.

Matches / Valhalla Cup Match 4
May 31, 2011, 11:55:15 PM
Match day 4 is now on. Due to Lincon, vacations etc. you have a whole extra week to play :) Finish day is sunday 12:th or when all matches are finished.

Matches / Valhalla Cup Match 3
May 23, 2011, 11:58:16 AM
The new week is up and running.

Matches / Valhalla Cup Match 2
May 16, 2011, 10:26:26 AM
Hi guys, second match day is up and running.